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Invader Zim

No description

Al Patricio

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Invader Zim

<-- THAT WAY JOHNEN VASQUEZ -He is the invader zim creator -He is called Chancre Scolex -Famous for making comic books -He did a replica of Bioshock2 -He made the famous book
Johnny the Homicidal
Maniac INVADER ZIM CHARACTERS ZIM- (Main Character) Mission is to destroy Earth Gir-(Main Character) Zim's Companion Dib-(Villian) The only one who thinks Zim is a alien Gaz-(Villian) Gir's NEmesis, Dib's little sister Dib's Teacher-(Sub character) AWARDS In 2001 they won the Emmy
In 2001 they also won the Annie VIDEO GAME

-Nicktoons -Freeze Frame Frenzy
- Party Blast
- Battle for Volcano island

And one game called Globs of Doom where Gir is the Boss of the whole game THE END
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