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Copy of [English] Multimodal transport

No description

Phong Ha Trung

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of [English] Multimodal transport

Less common form
Performance of Multimodal Transport in International Trade
Future of Multimodal Transport
Multimodal transport
General Knowledge
single contract
, at least
two different modes of transport
Save time and money
Decreace risk for the shipper
Multimodal transport operator (MTO) is the only person who takes the responsibility
One single contract -> easy to check and make complaint
High Infrastructure Costs
Handling containers requires heavy-duty cranes and equipment necessary
Developing countries have difficulty
Legal Problems
International or National Rules?
Different modes of carriage
Different regions.
carrier takes the responsibility for the
entire carriage
Forms of multimodal transport
b. Air – road transport
a. Sea – air transport
b. Air – road transport
c. Rail – road transport
d. Sea – rail/road transport

d. Sea – rail/road transport

The safety and speed of rail transport and the mobility of road transport
Is used popularly in America and European.

c. Rail-road transport
The economical of sea transport and the speed of air transport.
Is used in over the world, particularly is in Far East and Europe
a. Sea – air transport
Common forms of multimodal transport
Consigner Port
Consignee Port
All water: 36 days
Landbridge: 19 days
- Shorten the distance
- Reduce Journey’s time
- The growth in international trade reflects in similar or sometimes higher in the demand on transport services.

- The focus of producers and manufacturers has shifted from merely delivering goods on a “port to port” basis to a “door to door” basis

- The increasingly complex and extensive supply chain demands transportation of trade and goods to be handled by expert transport operators - MTOs

- Countries wishing to participate effectively in the global trade face more than ever the challenge of having to improve their infrastructure capacities

- Another important challenge is seen in the need for harmonization of the legal environment for multimodal transportation to ensure a uniform liability that protects all parties concerned

95% of worldwide general cargo movement is in containers
The Statistic of the Intermodal Container Moves
Multimodal transport has become the backbone of International trade
Multimodal transport = the flexibility of road transport
+ the larger capacity of railways
+ the speed of air transport
+ the lower costs of water transport
56 trailers on the deck
100 railcars (wagons) on 4 decks
First appearance
One of the most important part
research is being conducted across a wide range of government
The University Transportation Center (UTC) program(more than
History and reasons of Development
To improve the logistics system -> to reduce the price of the products
The revolution of
in transportation
2 Reasons
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