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Class Activities

No description

Ashlee Simmons

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Class Activities

Activity 1: Ellis Island Interactive Tour Activity 2: Relive a Boy's Journey Activity 3: Angel Island: Meet Li Keng Wong Except for Native Americans, all people living in the United States have an immigrant past. Over the last few centuries, millions of people have made their way to America - and hundreds of thousands still come each year. Some, like slaves, came unwillingly. Most were drawn by the promise of greater freedom and opportunity. Immigration: To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native. Ellis Island Over 40 persent of all Americans can trace their roots to Ellis Island. More than 12 million immigrants passed through these doors. Among them were laborers, servants, peasants, and artisans, and each came to Ellis Island with the same hope - to become Americans. For this activity I want you to take the interactive tour of Ellis Island and fill out a KWL Chart. After everyone has completed this we will have a class discssion. For this activity you are going to learn about a young immigrant to the United States who came through Ellis Island. I want you to read Seymour's story and write a responses to share with the class as well as continuing your KWL Chart. was eight years old in 1920, when he left his home in Poland and journeyed to America. Angel Island is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Many immigrants from the Far East were processed at the Angel Island stop For this activity I want you to read Li Keng Wong's story and continue to fill out your KWL Chart. After every one has completed this we will come back as a class to compare and contrast Angel Island and Ellis Island. What to do? What is immigration? Who are immigrants? Seymour Rechtzeit What to do? Angel Island What to do? Activity 4: Meet Three Immigrants today For this activity as a class we are going to read three stories of three recent young immigrants from Kenya, India, and Vietam. Then we are going to have a class discussion about all the different stories you have read so far and the difference between them. After the class discussion I want you all to put any important comparisons in your KWL charts. What to do? Kauthar
Birthplace: Kenya
Born: 11/20/92
Home: Atlanta, Georgia Quynh
Birthplace: Huu Thanh, Vietnam
Born: 12/28/92
Home: Atlanta, Georgia

Activity 5: Writer's Workshop: Oral History Scrapbook For this activity you are going to interview someone who has immigrated to the United States and creating a oral history writing to post on the Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today website. We will look at some examples as a class on this website and look at the rubric so you know what is expected. After everyone has comlpeted you where share your oral history scrapbook with the class. What to do? California
By Akemi I.
Grade 5, California Country of Origin: Japan

When Jane came to America, she brought a weaving loom with her. She was a weaver. She came to marry Eugene, a minister. Jane was born in Ibuki, Japan. Ibuki is too small to see on a map. She immigrated from Japan and arrived at America by airplane, in 1986. It was exciting for her.

Jane's first impression of America was that it was dangerous; shootings, earthquakes, etc. None of her ancestors or relatives came before her. She did weaving for a living in Japan. In America, she supports her husband. When she was a child, she drew pictures for fun because she loved art.

An Example
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