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Time Line of Blue Jeans

No description

Kelly Broderick

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Time Line of Blue Jeans

Time line of Blue Jeans 1910 High Waist Overalls These jeans were mainly used by manufacturers and were made of denim and brown cotton duck (Downey, 2007)

1920s Denim Denim became the fabric most used for blue jeans and became more durable for workers 19302 Popular Western Attire In hollywood western films coyboys wore denim jeans and they soon became popular 1940s "Waist Overalls" It was World War II and waist overalls were introduced by American soldiers, fewer jeans were made in this time 1950s- rebel jeans Jeans were the clothes of the teen rebel, and were very popular with young people 1960s- Hippie jeans A lot of new types of jeans were made in this time, and jeans were usually embroidered with bright patterns to make them "psychedilic" 1980s Designer Jeans Jeans were now made to be high fashion, and famous designers would put their labels on them Timeline of Blue Jeans
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