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Booze Couch'

No description

Ana Mayra

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Booze Couch'

AGENDA OBJECTIVES - Corporate Profile
-Target Position
- Campaign Objective
- Description
- Target
-Marketing Guerrilla
-Conclusion Market Position Heineken © is a brand that is well known, its a company/brand that's on the challenger position and it's still fighting to be on the leader one To introduce the new product created by
the beer company Heineken©, it's name is Booze Couch,
and it will be made by the company Actona. Leader: Runner Up: Challenger: Specialist http://mejoresmarcas.hsmglobal.com.mx/categorias.php?id=cat_cerveza & http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/top-100-us-furniture-stores-by-137079 Product Description Directed to young adults from the age of 26 to 35. Booze Couch, it's a couch in the shape of a beer can, it brings comfort and that's because of his secret compartments. (Mini cooler & cupboard) It's always looking for comfort, either watching a Football game or just having your friends over. http://andrewjburgess-eu.blogspot.com/2011/10/sw-mep-welcomes-landmark-ecj-verdict-in.html BRAND WHEEL ATTRIBUTES ORIGINAL BENEFITS COMFORT VALUES AMUSEMENT PERSONALITY MASCULINE BRAND ESSENCE EVERYTHING YOU
NEED IN A CAN UNIT The most practical and innovative couch SELLING Sam's Club & COSTCO PROPOSITION Party & Comfort BUDGET Posters 2 months International airport $ 9,280
Mariano Escobedo
Plaza Fiesta Anahuac
Valle Oriente, Clamateria Vallas 2 months Av. Gonzalitos $33,600
Av. Venustiano C.
Av. Vasconcelos- Scenic 2 months Av. Gonzalitos
Av. Venustiano C.
Av. Barragan $33,500 Bus Stops 2 months Av. Lazaro C.
Av. Gonzalitos
Av. Barragan $27,780 Internet 2 months Newspaper Milenio
El Norte $246,880 http://www.inflate.com.mx/publicidadmovil.html Total: $485,940 PRODUCTION CREATIVE DELIVERY CAMPAIGN EVALUATION September
- October November - December APRIL MAY 2013 - AUSGUT 2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 CONCLUSION To present the Booze Couch by print media, and to demonstrate that is the most innovative couch in the market.
We'd like to catch the customers attention by giving this couch a relaxing and didactic image, the same that Heineken © always projects. PINK: Sensibility YELLOW: Energy, Happiness GREEN: Tranquility, Peace. WHITE: Neutral, Peace Psychology of Color We chose the emotional appeal so that the customers can relate to the product and the situations that are presented in each render. Emotional Appeal CALENDAR
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