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Symbols in Cannery Row

No description

Damon Sullivan

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Symbols in Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Lee Chong
The Captain
Mack and the Boys
Palace Flophouse
Docs Lab
Lee Chong's
The Captains House
Model T Ford
Beer Milkshake
Frog Hunt
Henri's Boat
Doc's Parties
The Model T Ford represents a variety of different ways people think and how they think. It also represents Neglect due to the way people have treated it like it was a slave, rather than treating it with pride and accepting the Model T Ford for all of its "natural" beauty and use. "Modified to meet the dreams and the needs of each of its owners but like Macks plans, it falls to victim"
(Spark Notes)

Lee Chong represents a kind of diversity because he is one of the only Non-White people in Cannery Row at the time. Lee is also the middle man who owns people because he sells them what they need and everyone in Cannery Row who shops at his store had been in his debt from one time to another
Doc is the heart, soul, and also in a way, the father of Cannery Row. Like Dora, he also keeps tabs in on everyone and he takes care of those who ask and of those who don't ask. Doc always has good intentions and everyone holds the utmost respect for him because no one can ever replace Doc's presence or function in the row.
Dora represents the mother of Cannery Row. Although she does not run the cleanest business, she makes sure her girls and everyone in the Row is taken care of whether it is food or just some company. Dora is the main reason why the Cannery functions in such a smooth way.
The Captain represents the average husband you would run into in the Monterey Peninsula at the time. Although he doesn't live in a city, he still holds the characteristics of a stereo typed marriage. He grumbles about his wife, likes to have beer, doesn't want to be around his wife all the time, and he is sloppy and messy. The Captain is a good comic relief to think about during some times of despair in the Row.
Damon Sullivan
Simon Cuva
Po'okela Moana

Model T Ford (replica with roof)
Mack and the Boys are the "virtues, beatitudes..", the tone, and the foreshadow of what is to come in Cannery Row. Everything they do is going to affect the whole Row whether it is them greeting their next door neighbor, or them throwing a big disastrous party. Mack and the Boys add personality to the Row and this affects everyone who lives there.
Mack and the Boys
Lee Chong
(most likely at a younger age)
The beer milkshake is like a symbol of fear towards how people think of you. To be the person you want people to think of you as you have to lie. Like Doc did saying his doctor recommended that he needs one everyday.
Palace Flophouse
The boat is a symbol of sadness and loneliness. As it says in the book, the remembrance of "The lost loves". Its also a symbol of fear, and an incomplete life because he never wanted to finish this boat, just like his relationships.
The Palace Flophouse is almost a script for everyone in the Row. Everything that happens in the Flophouse affects the way people act in Cannery Row. It also brings Mack and the Boys to realize that pride is a real thing they can achieve and their output for pride is through the Palace Flophouse. The Palace Flophouse also represents Mack and the Boys being a brother hood and a closely knit Family.
Doc's Lab
For Docs Lab
Just like Doc and Dora, Docs Lab is the life of the Row at night. Doc is a night owl and whenever he is awake at night Steinbeck always describes his Gregorian music playing very loudly. It also held the two arguably most important events in the book. Both of Doc's parties. Which in fact, went late into the night on both occasions
Lee Chong's is the supply of the Cannery's needs. Just about everybody shops there and it has everything from kimono's to boats. Like Lee Chong, it represents a type of diversity you can't find anywhere else on the Row
Modern Lee Chongs
Bear Flag (Current)
Beer Milkshake
The stove in Cannery Row is a really sticky glue that brought Mack and the Boys together. It almost acts as the Palace Flophouse but it is the soul reason why the Flophouse functions. The stove also represents an achievement Mack and the Boys have attained, and that they are not the losers people belive them to be
Darling is a symbol of happiness and innocents, because she always makes Mack and the boys really happy and opens their eyes to the good things in their life.
The frog hunt is a symbol of loyalty and goofiness. The reason is because they are only doing this because they want to do something nice for Doc and don't want to screw up. Also they have tuns of fun in the process, like drinking, saving a dogs life, playing around in the water, and catching frogs.
Doc's parties were symbols of caring, because all Mack and the boys wanted to do was give Doc a nice party that he would enjoy. They cared so much they threw him another one because the first one wasn't so good.
The Captains House is an escape away from the world that Mack and the Boys live in. They have always only known life on the Row and are introduced to a new life in the Country. The Captain is very secluded from the city life although he keeps up with current knowledge because of his life
The Bear Flag Restaurant is one of the bigger attractions in the Row. It keeps a crowd of business flowing through and also keeps the city buzzing during the wee hours of the nights, when you can hear Doc's music playing loudly. Even though it attracts a crowd, the Bear Flag doesn't necessarily attract the right type of crowd as you could tell during the fight between the Fishermen and the party at Doc's (second one)
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