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Glaciers, Polar Ice Sheets, and Global Warming

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sreenidhi jaganathan

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Glaciers, Polar Ice Sheets, and Global Warming

Our first stop is, Glaciers and Polar Ice Sheets. Polar Ice Sheets and Glaciers are found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. But some Glaciers can also be found in cold mountainous places. In fact there are many Glaciers located in Rockies, in Canada. Places like Banff,Alberta have many glaciers. Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps make up about 98% of the fresh water in the Antarctic and about 69% of the worlds freshwater is locked up in Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps.

Glaciers and Polar Ice Sheets !!!
Photographs of Glaciers, Polar Ice Sheets
If you recall, in the beginning of our journey we mentioned that we could be explaining about Global Warming. Well, that is our next stop on our Polar Adventure.

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is an increase in Earth's average temperature.

Global Warming
Causes of Global Warming!!!!!!!!!

Global Warming is primarily caused by too much CO2(carbon dioxide) in out atmosphere(this is also called air pollution) . This huge layer of CO2 acts as a blanket in the atmosphere and its traps heat causing the planet to warm up.CO2 isnt the only factor that leads to Global Warming, methane gases are also a big reason.

How do we cause Global Warming?

We as humans are the reason Global Warming even exists. In our everyday lives we use a-lot of energy.This energy comes from fuels called "Fossils Fuels". When we use oil,coal, or natural gas and burn forests to fit our basic needs. We are creating an excessive amount of CO2.And when we over lumber, it causes more CO2 due to the lack of plants and tress to purify our air.

Welcome to the basic information center.Here you will learn the basics of Glaciers and Polar Ice.

What is a Glacier? Well,a glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight

What is a Polar Ice Sheet? A polar ice sheet is a broad, thick sheet of ice covering an extensive area for a long period of time. When multiple of these sheets are put together they from polar ice caps.

What are Polar Ice caps? Polar Ice Caps are a thick cover of ice over an area, sloping in all directions from the center.

Now, that you guys have a basic idea of what glaciers and polar ice is, lets start our trip.
Basic Information Center
You all must be wondering how glaciers,polar ice sheets and polar caps are formed.Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this part of our journey.
How are they made ?
When the climate of an area is below 0 °C, all precipitation that falls turn into snow,sometimes ice. In the winter there is an accumulation of snow, and weather starts to warm up in the spring the snow melts. This is what happens in most regions in the world, but there are some places where this process of freezing and melting is not possible. That places like these the snow does not melt at all. The top layers of snow press down on the older snow underneath. This pressure gradually changes the lower layers to ice. Over time, the ice builds up to form glaciers, icecaps, and polar ice sheets. This process is called ablation
Hello, our names are Sreenidhi, Sarah, and Sana. We welcome you to going us on a trip across the North and South Pole. On this one day cruise across the icy cold waters, we will explain more about Glaciers, Polar Ice Sheets, and Global Warming . In this tour across to Arctic we will talk more about what Glaciers,Polar Ice Sheets, and Global Warming are, how they are formed,how they affect eachother and the effect they have on us.
Diagram of the formation of Glacial Ice
Glaciers,Polar Ice, and Global Warming
BY: Sreenidhi, Sarah, and Sana
Our first stop will be to go take a look at the glaciers and polar ice sheets/caps.So hold on tight guys, this is going to be a very fun, educational ride. But first let's make a quick stop at the basic information center to get an idea of what glaciers and polar ice are.
Global Warming Emissions
Relationship between Global Warming and Glaciers and Polar Ice.
Glaciers and Polar Ice are sensitive indicators of climate change. Over the course of many years, the increase in Global Warming has lead to the melting of the Glaciers and Polar Ice. Most of the world's fresh water supply is locked up in these Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps.
This is a video is published by

This video has been modified to show all of you, how the rise of Global Warming can result in the melting of many Polar Ice Caps/Glaciers. It demonstrates how fast our world's fresh water is running out.
This video shows a time lapse of the worlds Artic Sea Ice Area from 1980-2012.
Signs of Global Warming
In the previous stations of this trip, I have mentioned some major indicators of Global Warming.Such as the melting of Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps globally.And also the drastic increase in the average climate of the world.But that was just quick overview, in this section of the trip we will be going into greater details about signs of global warming and their effects.
Factor#1:Ocean Heat Content
The first sign of Global Warming we will discuss is we will discussing is the increase of heat in the world's oceans.

Global Sea Level
The next sign of Global Warming we will be looking at is increase in Global Sea Level.
The next sign of Global Warming is an increase in the world's average humidity rate.
Sea Surface Temperature
The next sign of Global Warming we will be looking at is the increase in sea surface temperature.
Over Land Air Temperature
The final sign of Global Warming we will be discussing is the increase in the over land air temperature
An example of the Effects an Increase in Water Temperature
Aww look how cute santa is <3
How does Global Warming cause the Global Sea Level to Increase? Global Warming causes the Global Sea Level to rise because it melts all the glaciers/polar ice in the north and south pole.This causes all of the water to flow into the world's oceans.
Effects of Increasing Global Sea Level

Rising Sea Water has an very negative affect on eco-systems,fresh water supply,and human development along coasts.
Effects of Increasing Temperature in the worlds waters
Warm Waters damage coral reefs an change marine eco-systems. This can result the extinction/endangerment of many marine animals, disrupt the fishing industry, and cause many workers in the fishing industry to lose their jobs.
Effects of High Humidity

When there is high humidity in the air, it makes us feel very stuffy and makes us sweat.To prevent these uncomfortable situations, we use many machines. These machines produces huge amounts of CO2 and actually contributes more to Global Warming.
Effects of an Increase in Sea Surface Temperature

Warmer surface waters can result in very destructive tropical cyclones and hurricanes. It can also result in the instability of weather patterns.
Effects of Over Land Air Temperature
This can cause negative effects like the an increase in heat waves,droughts, and traps more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere trapping radiated heat from the earth's surface.
Florida Keys and the Barrier Reef are 2 very good examples of how the increase in Water Temperatures can disrupt marine eco-systems.
Humans ad Global Warming
Throughout this trip we have talked about so much,and we hope you learned many things. But there is one major question we haven't addressed much in this trip. What Humans have to do with this?
Humans have everything to do with this,in fact we are the very reason Global Warming.
We have mentioned previously how Humans cause Global Warming. But I have not talked about how it has a great affect on sustainability.
Welcome to the recap theater , here we will watch a video that will recap some things we mentioned and give you a better idea of Global Warming. It will also mention more about this phenomenon known as the "Greenhouse Effect"!
This Video belongs to National Geographic
Global Warming effects our future generation greatly. If we keep going at this rate, we could kill our future generation. Global Warming can cause many problems economically, like very limited resources.It can also leave a "carbon footprint" which will lead to serious health problems and severe weather conditions.
"Anything Else you are interested in is not going to happen if you cant breathe the air and drink the water.Don't sit this this one out.Do something."-Carl Sagan

The quote above describes our job as children of the Earth. All of us here come from different backgrounds yet we share one thing in common, we all call Earth our home. But if it was really our home we wouldn't be destroying it would we. All of us here share one duty in common, we must all protect Earth because it is our species home. When we protect the now we are protecting the future.I hope you all enjoyed this journey we took together and I hope you learned many things. But one thing I hope you never forget is that The Earth is our home and we must do anything within our power to protect Earth, not only for this generation but for the future generations.
We would like to end our journey with a quote from a philosopher who goes by the name of Marshall McLuhan
"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, We are all crew"!
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