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Egyptian Mythology

By Jess and Sam

Jess Williams

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology
Beginnings of the religion
By Jess and Sam
Egyptian Mythology developed with the formation of towns and cities
Each town had an animal God or Goddess
As cities developed, gods became anthropomorphised
As dominant cities formed, their God became the dominant God
Overviews of religion
Pantheon of Gods
The Cosmos
Amulets & Obelisks
The Scarab Beetle
God of the dawning sun
Became associated closely with rebirth, renewel and ressurection
Scarab amulets were placed over the hearts of the dead
Creator of the world
God of the setting sun
Possible destroyer of the world
God of the daytime sun
A form of Horus
Depicted as a falcon soaring across the sky
Evolved into Reharakhty, a combination with Re
Combination Amun and Re
King of Gods
Protector of the pharoah on military campaigns
Cult of women followed him, and held great power from this
God of dead --> protector of tombs
Developed because Jackals roamed cemetaries
Son of Nephthys; tricked her brother Osiris into fathering her child
King of the dead, immortality and everlasting life
Judges souls in Duat with Isis
God of agriculture as well
Became God of dead when killed by Seth
Feather of Truth
Goddess of order and truth
Feather of truth is weighed against the hearts of man
Unable to be influenced and universally worshipped throughout Egypt
God of wisdom & learning
Ibis-headed...or dog-headed ape
Invented writing & official scribe of the afterworld
Wrote the "Book of the Dead"
Tarot deck --> "Book of Thoth"
God of light
The pharoahs embodied Horus
Sworn enemy Seth
Eye of Horus - Ripped out by Seth, can be broken into 6 pieces, which represent the 6 senses
Cow goddess of love & protector of women
Horus' mom
Identified with the Queen of Egypt
7 Hathors at birth
Destroyer of men!
Cat goddess - embodies cunning, playfullness, grace, affection and power
Extremely popular, with a fierce cult following
Cats were sacred, and valuable
"Devouring Lady"
Lord of Lower Egypt
Storm God thought to cause unexplicable events
Strong, dangerous and mysterious
Depicted mostly as unknown--either extinct or made up--animal
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