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The Lymphatic/Immune system

The Lymphatic and immune system work together to help fight diseases.

Athena Sayrie

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of The Lymphatic/Immune system

Lymph Nodes Lymphatic/Immune System Innate Immunity Adaptive Immunity T-Cells B-cells Lymph Disorders Diseases Cells that produce proteins also known as antibodies
that circulate in the blood and attack certain disease-
causing organisms. cells that attack microorganisms directly. They
can retain a memory of the earlier infections
and respond to further attacks to prevent
diseases and illness. A clear water like liquid that flows between cells,
but it's not called lymph untill it drains into the
network of lymph capillaries that are in the tissue
spaces. mechanical barriers (like the skin)
and antibacterial enzymes in tears. Is specialized white blood cells known as
LYMPHOCYTES. They respond to microorganisms
invading the body. The reason doctors normLLY feel around your neck,
tonsils, groin, and stomach region is because those are
the main locations of Lymph Nodes. You can tell that you're sick if your lymph nodes are swollen.
If you are sick you will be able to feel the swollen node on the surface of your body. Auto Immune When your Immune System attacks healthy cells in your body by accident.
Disorders of immunity include immune
deficiency diseases, that arise because
of a dimunution of some aspect of the
immune response. Aids
Caused when the body develops
a wrong response to a substance. Either a harmless foreign substance (allergies) or a component of the body for auto Immune.
Careers hospitals
private practices
Clinical & academic research labs
Pharmaceutical industries
salary: $105,00-$247,00(full time)

Vitiligo is an Auto Immune disorder
Where Melanocytes (cells that produce
a skin darkening color/ pigment) called
Melanin is absent. This causes a change in
the pigment of an individuals skin. in some cases the Immune system one or more of
the bodys normal parts as "self" resulting in the cration
of autobodies/ antibodies that attack its own. This causes inflamation, damage and auto Immune disorders. Systematic Damage mainly organs Localized Damage only single orgANS AND TISSUES. 3 STEPS TO THE IMMUNE SYSTEM 1.The Immune System can tell the difference the
substances that belongs to the body and the
substances that don't. 2.Specificity: can tell the difference between similar
substances and choose to react against one. 3. Once the System has already resisted a specific substance it is then able to reconize the substance and remember it so that the next time it may aprotch, it can fight against it faster. The lymphatic system is made up of Lymph vessels, nodes,
and organs. Organs consists of the bone marrow, spleen and thymus. Absorbs excess fluids and returns
fluids to the blood stream. Absorbs fat and functions the
Immune system. Fights infections Helps keep the right amount of fluids
and proteins in the body To sum it up! Both systems work together to prevent the
body from becomming ill. Lymph nodes are filled with white blood cells called lymphocytes, where bacteria and viruses can be trapped. Interaction with other Systems nervous: Send messages to the body that it is
in bad condition or a virus needs to be executed.
Circulatory: to transport lyph
Skeletal: Protection of vessles
Cardiovascular: absorbs nutrients from intestines
How to care for the system reduce stress
healthy appitite
good amount of drinking water
wash hands/ stay clean

can be unrecognized by antibodies (t cells)
because the hiv virus can bend away from
the Immune System. Homeostasis The immune system and lymphatic sysem
work together to fight viruses and foreign
substances from damaging the body. White blood
cells or lyphocytes fight against these substances
to keep the body healthy and safe.
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