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No description

Geoffrey Presor

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of SOAG

Objectives State of the Art Gallery About Us Thank you for your time and consideration!

-ARTiculate Consulting

Public Relations Proposal Geoffrey presor Jonathan San Emily Neal Amanda Wong Heather Mueller Ben Malakoff Situation Analysis SWOT Position Among Competition Target Audience Strategies Measurement & Evaluation Budget Timetable Art sales

Merchandise sales

Keep track of customer’s zip codes

Monitor rack-card disbursments

Website traffic

Monitor press coverage
Tactics Primary Affluent residents in the Ithaca area, ages of 25-50

Seasonal tourists and visitors (parents)
Secondary Local businesses

SOAG members
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunites Threats Collegetown

Personal connections


Local events & festivals

Local businesses & wineries

Closing of Upstairs Gallery
Lack of parent database

Other local galleries

Reputation of local art

Bad economy

Changing technologies
Increased presence at events & festivals

Sticker/flyer campaign


Attention-grabbing store front (television)

Save the arts. Buy local. Big Picture: Increase Awareness Local Residents Participation in local festivals

Leverage trend of supporting the local economy
Seasonal Visitors Ithaca College and Cornell University events

Target parents and alumni markets

Non-local advertising
Local Businesses Cultivate and maintain connections

Partner with wineries (wine trail) Member Motivation Artist's Social


Expand Online Presence Social media

Online purchasing
Increase Sales Goal of 50% increase

Position art collecting as more of a hobby

Attract a younger audience

Emphasize support of local economy
Increase awareness among local residents with increased outreach

Increase awareness among seasonal visitors through colleges and non-local advertising

Increase art sales revenue by 50% over one year

Increase motivation of members

Increase sales to businesses

Expand online presence through social media and online sales Exclusively local media (Ithaca Times, Ithaca Journal)

Few to no articles about the gallery

Usually mentioned in association with Gallery Nights Non-local Awareness Online Presence Increase Sales Social events build community by giving oportunities to socialize

In-house newsletter to keep everyone up to date and in the know Members Local Awareness Business Sales Update Facebook frequently and establish Twitter

Start company blog with in-depth updates and articles

Youtube channel can show artists at work, how-to's, and interviews

Selling online is quick and convienent (Fine Arts America) Keep in contact with business that have purchased before

Contact new ones (banks, doctor offices, ect.)

Send "Thank you" announcements One of the few art galleries left in Ithaca

Showcase a variety of art mediums

New facility in prime location

Growing membership

Revamped website and established Facebook page
Little to no budget

No participation in major community events

Volunteer only staff

Size of facility prevents accepting new members

Infrequent updates on Facebook

Few people actually purchase art
Proposal Agenda Situation Analysis
Target Audiences
Spread information on how collecting is not just about investing

Ads can appeal to individuality and self-expression of student audiences

"Save the Arts. Buy Local." campaign to trigger existing collectors

Store merchandise
Family Weekend/Parents Weekend

Alumni and Homecoming Weekend

Ithaca College’s Art Departments
-Handwerker Gallery

Press releases in nonlocal outlets (Binghamton & Syracuse)

Corners Gallery (Ithaca)- offers framing services

Dowd Fine Arts (Cortland)- works closely with SUNY Cortland

Cooperative Galley (Binghamton)- very similar to SOAG in content, space, and price

Jungle Science (Binghamton)- unique, quirky character and large space

Delavan Gallery (Syracuse)- local and national art similarly priced Your Current Media Coverage Most Comparable Regional Galleries Magnets/ Business Cards Bumper Sticker Poster Flyer Billboard
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