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The Two Cradle Theory

For Miss Kirk's AFRAM cpurse

Dominic Grijalva

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Two Cradle Theory

The Two Cradle Theory a presentation by
Dominic Grijalva The Southern Cradle The Northern Cradle Environment The People Their Values The People Their Values Environment Excerpt from Great African Thinkers: Cheikh Anta Diop
by Ivan Van Sertima and Larry Obadele Cheik Anta Diop Dr. Cheik Anta Diop
Historian/ Writer
Politician Towards the African Renaissance:
Essays in Culture and Development He believed that African people formed their society based on Egyptian beliefs and not European Customs. “Diop then goes on to show that there is a lack of evidence, literary, mythological, historical or otherwise to show that the ‘northern cradle’ has ever even had a matriarchy….Diop saw that the ‘northern cradle’ possessed the material conditions favorable to nomadic life, or at least a highly mobile way of life.”
(Sertima, Williams, 105) - Peaceful
- Just
- Large Families
- Shared everything
- Believed in Xenophilia Matriarchal System
- Mothers ruled over household
- Mother made most decisions
- Mothers chose mate
- Men brought the dowry - Harsh Weather Conditions
- Scarce Resources
- Dry soil
- Couldn't bear crops
- Left villagers hungry
- Led to rise in crime - Crude
- Savage
- Aggressive
- War-like - Patriarchal System
- Husbands were legal owners of Wives
- Women pressured to bare sons
- Fathers chose mate
- Individualism
- Xenophobic - Sunny and bright
- Water plentiful
- Thriving Agriculture
- Lots of fresh produce
- Sharing was encouraged The man who first wrote about
The Two Cradle Theory
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