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No description

Courtney Kirkland

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Durarara!!

Ryohgo Narita Main genre is supernatural. Genre. Mythical and demonic cretures make up the plot. For example; Dullahans, and demonic blades. Other main themes include action, high school life, and romance. Themes. Mikado Ryugamine moves to Tokyo to reunite with his childhood best friend, Masaomi Kida. Plot. Guns, weapons, and violence are all recurring things. Action The story is set around Mikado, and his 2 best friends while they’re still in high school.
Also explores other high schoolers at the their school, and how they deal with homework, school work, and all the other crazy things going around in Ikebukero. High School Life Mikado's crush on his female best friend.
Shinra and his undying love for Celty since he was a small child.
One of the character plot lines is based around his feelings towards a girl Romance Both of them secretly a leader of a color gang. Celty travels to Ikebukuro in search for her head. Tensions are gradually gathered, and a color gang war breaks out. Character Analysis Mikado
Ryugamine Masaomi Kida Grew up in a small town. Age: 15
Leader of 'The Dollars'. Kind, polite, and shy. Moved to Ikebukuro. Attends Raira Academy. Stands up for what he believes in. Age: Unknown Celty Sturluson Izaya Orihara Known as the Headless Rider, or the Black Biker. Dullahan of Celtic Mythology. Rides a black horse she disguised as a black bike. Fog oozing out of her neck is how she is able to see, hear, and smell. Speaks through a PDA. Very strong, motivated, kind woman, willing to do anything to help others and find her head. Age: 25 Possibly feels lonely. Trouble maker and causes drama. Famous underground information broker. Trivial and rather mysterious. Always getting in fights with Shizuo Heiwajima. Loves the human race, and is interested in how everybody thinks. Shizuo Heiwajima Writing Style. Sentences kept short. Chatroom structured sentences used. Literary devices; - Refrain - Colloquial "Cation. Cation. After I saved this kid she'd secretly followed me home. And she did it every day of the week after that. Even after I had told her to F*** off plenty of times. That bull she just shouted then? I've heard it 2000 times." Excerpt: Ryohgo has no witting training. Training. Gets advice from his editors. Very successful with Durarara!! and Baccano! Won first prize in the 9th annual Dengeki Novel prize for Baccano! Story is set in Ikebukuro, Japan, because that is the district of Tokyo Ryohgo is most familiar with. Biographical Information. Baccano! Other Works. Vamp! BowWow! Adaptations. Written as a manga in 2009. Made into an anime in 2010. Manga Cover. Page from the Manga. DVD Anime Cover.
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