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Of Mice and Men

No description

Ezra Gyles

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

Historical Context
In Of Mice and Men the story is set in a time when men went around the country, alone, from job to job blowing off their money on what ever they wanted, never settling down. The twist the author puts on this story is that two men travel together, one smarter the other strong and dumb. These two men have a bond that can't be broke, they look after and care for each other. In a since they are one. They both live and strive in the hope to one day have their own farm, all to them selves (it won't be taken from them), with rabbits, chickens, and a vegetable garden.
Theme 1
The first theme could be the importance of friendship. Without friendship there is no one to look after and care for you, especially when you have no family and no future. In the story this theme is developed by the bond George and Lennie have for each other. They go everywhere together, George does everything for Lennie he can to make his life peaceful. George even says how much better his life could be if he didn't have Lennie to take care of, but he stays with him showing his friendship they share. He gets Slim to give him a pup, he lets him pet it whenever Lennie wants to. Finally, George has to make the ultimate decision a friend has to make and end Lennies life in love and let him finally go "pet his rabbits" which he lived his life to do.
Theme 2
Theme two could be the theme of having a dream in life to work for. George and Lennie have the dream of their farm, and that's what keeps them striving for more in life. This theme is introduced when George first says how they are set apart from other men and what they plan to achieve in life. In the story this theme is developed by George and Candy working together to get the farm that George found. With this goal complete the three could live a life few men in that time had the chance to.
Theme 3
The third theme I found was that there is things in life that most be done by a loved one, so that the action is not done in hate. When George shot Lennie it was done in love, because George was the one to end Lennie's life (this was foreshadowed when Candy said that he should have been the one to end his dogs life), so that Curly and Carlson would not harm him. The way George did it the way he did was so Lennie could finally get go "tend the rabbits" at "their farm", which is what Lennnie lived for.
Candy is the oldest on the farm and is one of the nicest. He takes kindly to George from the beginning, he warns them of Curly and informs them of Curly's wife. He also plays the role of the passage to their farm (their happy place), the place they dreamed of living their whole lives. With Candy's money George may be able to get the farm that he wants.
Curly is the bully on the farm, the instigator. He picks on Linnie, because he doesn't like big guys. Curly eventually picks a fight with Lennie and Lennie brakes his hand.
The conflict Curly has in the story is, he loses his wife to Lennie (
on accident Lennie snaps Curly's wife's neck while trying to get her to be quiet
). He then tries to avenge her death but Lennie is dead by the time he reaches him.
Candy's Wife
Aunt Clara
Lennie is Georges best friend in the story. In the story he is involved in a self conflict, he is mental so he doesn't mean to do harm but he inflicts it any way. He is also hated by others who, eventually, try to kill him. This conflict is resolved when George sends him to "their farm", and shoots him when he's happy.
George is Lennies best friend. George pretty much plays the role of Lennie's father in the story. He finds them jobs, raises Lennie and speaks for Lennie. His conflict in the story is between him and Lennie, he has to do everything for Lennie (he says how much better his life would be without him in it). He resolves this conflict by eventually putting an end to Lennies life. George owns Lennie and it just wouldn't be right for anyone else to end the life of the one you "own" and raised, so George decides to shoot Lennie himself, while he is thinking of "their farm" and "his rabbits."
Curly's wife is the pretty girl on the farm she is a tart, so she tries to seduce anyone possible. Her conflict in the story is that she doesn't really like Curly and she is trying to get a way off the farm.
She gets to talking with Lennie and after she lets Lennie touch her hair he won't let go. Lennie then, accidentally, snaps her neck in an effort to make her be quite. He then runs off to the clearing and is seeked by the rest of the men.
Slim is probably the nicest guy on the farm he is an awesome guy with great ability. He plays the role of the leader and commander of the farm, he even has Curly frightened of him. What he knows that the others don't is Lennie's condition so he is nicer than the rest to him.
Aunt Clara is not mentioned much in the story, but we do know that for a time she raised Lennie and knew George. She gave Lennie mice until he kept killing them, then when she died George took on the role of taking care of Lennie.
Symbol 3


Lennies rabbits represented his goal in life, the ultimate prize for him, where he could have his own thing and never lose it or get it taken from him.
Symbol 2
George's and Lennie's Farm

What the farm to Lennie and George was the place to live up to(where they could finally settle down). It symbolized the prize of life that they would work for and believe in, but could never achieve. The fact that Lennie would be forever with George made it even more special for him.
Symbol 1
Lennie's Mouse
Lennie's mouse represented his comfortable place. When he petted the mouse he was comfortable and relaxed. The mouse was used in the beginning when George and Lennie were walking. When George took it and through it Lennie was sad and went cry. In times past Lennie had many mice that his Aunt Clara gave him, but she stopped because he always killed them.
His rabbits never

existed, it was only a dream that he cared for more than anything. They discuss it in the book multiple times.
The farm was only a dream but it was used as a motivator, if you work hard for a goal in life, they believed it would one day give it to you.
Crooks is the stable buck, he plays the role as the nobody on the farm. He's the misunderstood, hated guy, who gets treated like trash because he's a "nigger". Well he has an incident with Lennie and scares him, but eventually they settle down and talk calmly.
The conflict that Candy deals with is the fact that he only as one arm and when he gets to old to do anything their will be nobody to care for him.
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