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Will the shape of ice affect the melting time of the ice?

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Josh Hsu

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Will the shape of ice affect the melting time of the ice?

If we have one star, triangle, and heart cube. Then the star cube will melt the fastest because the star cube have more edges to absorb energy.
Water, Freezer, star, heart, triangle shape ice block tray, timer( on our phone), measuring cup.
Independent Variable: The shape of ice cube
Dependent Variable Y:The time of ice shape melt
Constant variable: The temperature of freezer and the room temperature.
1; Freeze the water into to the ice shape.
2:Take the ice out put in the room temperature(30⁰C)
3:Record the time of ice melt.
4: Do it three more times.
How does the shape of ice blocks affect how quickly it melts?
Josh, Hank

Which shape of ice cube can be melted the fastest?
Data Table
Scientific explanation:

According to my graph, the triangle melts faster because the triangle has more surface area than the star or heart. The more surface area the faster the ice block melts. That is why the triangle melts faster.

Surface Area
According to my data, the surface area of the triangle is greater than the other ice shaped blocks. My calculations support my explanation that the greater surface area can absorb more energy.

1: Different ice shapes will have different surface areas. The different surface areas will affect the time that the ice blocks melt.
2: Based on my data, the triangle ice block melts faster, because the triangle has greater surface area.
3: Because the triangle has the greater surface area, the triangle ice cube will melted faster.
4: Our hypothesis is wrong because the triangle melted faster than the star.

Maybe we can do the more different shape, for example like square, hexagon, octagon, or we could compare the same shape of the ice but different type of temperature.
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