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Initial Ideas

No description

freeman elsey

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Initial Ideas

One character (the antagonist) is going to be dressed in casual clothes (a hoodie, jeanas and shoes) throughout the short film, this is to scare the audience into realising anyone could be a criminal adding tension to the film

the other main character (protagonist) will be dressed in a detective style mac and a suit but as the short film's duration is a few days he has a change of clothes throughout, same style
Location & time
i'm hoping to film throughtout a range of times (day and night) to show duration of time

town locations- other locations-
Under a bridge an abandoned house?
Alleyway detectives house
train station

Rough Plot Outline
There will be two main characters one being a smart detective but a seemingly even smarter criminal, as the film progresses it becomes aparent that the detective is close on the criminals trail and sooner or later he's going to find enough evidence to interrogate him and take him in although the ending is left open as the criminal explains how putting him in jail wont change anything.
diegetic sound- i plan to record the voice of the characters on a zoom mic to increase the quality of sound and the overall feel of the film. i am also considering heightening the sounds of objects dropping/moving to stress the importance of the scene. also adding in nature tracks recorded with a mic that has a deadcat so there's no wind noise.

Non Diegetic sound- i'm aiming to add a soundtrack to the whole short film to create tension and fill gaps where there's no dialogue. the music will build up throughout the short film to add ambiance and the tempo will increase until a climactic point in the film. i am also using the changes in the soundtracks to show its a different day/ time period which challenges codes and conventions.
The props i am going to use will include

- detectives hat
- alcohol
- drivers license to id a victim
- watch
- phone
(also need a car for the detective to take the criminal away in)
Initial Ideas
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