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Handouts for DT workshop- mockups

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Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Handouts for DT workshop- mockups

What idea do you want to prototype?
Sketch the key stakeholders this idea will impact
How would you describe it in news headline?
What are assumptions you have about this idea? List them all and circle the most critical ones (if those turn out to not be true, your idea wouldn't work)
How does success look like?
Designing Experiments - stage 1: DEFINE
Prototyping Plan - stage 2: ACT
sketch models, artifacts. The BUILD THEM!
Once upon a time
Every day
Until one day
And because of that
Ever since that day
And because of that
Role Play
Define roles and props

Capture learnings
We met:
Next we will
Prototyping Plan - stage 3: ITERATE
We heard:
We were surprised to learn that:
Learnings Capture Map
a story about a time I've experienced this
Use this page to jot down notes about the process - the labels in gray are just suggestions; feel free to come up with your own!
I felt...
Mindset: select for possibility, not feasibility
Mindset: fail early and often
Mindset: build to think
Mindset: fake it till you learn it
Mindset: build as if you are right, but test as if you are wrong
Mindset: Doing beats talking
1. In each circle, write down a variable related to your idea you want to experiment with (possible variable might be roles, times, audience).
2. For each one map some variations.
3. Select which variables to test in your prototype (hint: you can design different prototypes to test different variables).
variable 1
Very first step (today):
Next steps (when, who):
We observed:
We will know we are headed in the right direction when...
We wonder if...
(make some guesses to inform your next experiments)
ask: WHY is this idea interesting?
ask: HOW could this be implemented?
Idea Evolution Map
uif logo/ CC license
don't use only words. sketching is encouraged!
Meet Charlie Now
(your average first year university student)
what does he/she spend time on?
how would you describe him/her?
what motivates him/her?
what are his/her expectations and worries?
Meet Charlie Future
(10 years from now)

what is memorable for him/her about his/her education?
how would you describe him/her now?
what roles and responsibilities might he/she have ?
what knowledge, skills and mindsets has he/she acquired?
Charlie's Journey
I'm thinking for this we need to tape together two 11x17. Since it's only 1 per team, it's not that bad
1. Use post-it notes to map all your I&E assets (courses, spaces, etc.) in this space. You can use the lenght of the sheet as indicator of time or years of study, or map them in some other way.

2. For each asset, indicate:
how is Charlie becoming aware of it?
how is Charlie engaging in it?
what is he/she getting out of it?
which behaviors are related to this asset?
what are tensions related to this asset?
3. Look at the map you created and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. State those as 'How Might We...' questions and place them on the map
This is to cut into pieces that can be added as further instructions
10 teams
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