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Lady GaGa - A Postmodern Icon?

No description

Georgina Black

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Lady GaGa - A Postmodern Icon?

Lady GaGa - A Postmodern Icon?
So what is the point of all this?

You will be studying Postmodern Media, and Lady GaGa by referencing many other Media is postmodern.

Try answering the following...
Do you get the feeling the Lady GaGa is taking the mick out of herself?
The song is a pop song about being a pop star and fame, is this a good topic, or does it mean it has no real importance in the world?
Is she real? Is she a complete confection of the Media?
What comment does she make about fame and how we 'consume' stars?
Do you feel she is right to mix 'high' and 'low' cultural references in her videos?
First to be referenced is 'Metropolis' and is not the first time she has done this...
Lady GaGa is constantly referencing Madonna and she also made a Metropolis based video...
Next she begins to reference her own 'Alejandro' video
Which already references the following Media texts:
The artist Giger who designed 'Alien'
The Nuremberg Rally
The film 'Cabaret'
Madonna's conical bra
The film 'The Night Porter'
The novel 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' video.
And now comes the German expressionism, referencing the 1920s silent film 'Dr Caligari'
Not content, she also references the Swedish film maker Ingmar Bergman and his representation of Death in 'The Seventh Seal'
Which also references 'Alejandro' and Gaga's wimple...
Mad Hatter?
On to Warhol, GaGa references his famous print, aligning herself with Marilyn Monroe...
...and also the video for 'Telephone'
Next we have 'Pierott' a stock comic character in pantomime and clowning... of Pierott is a sad clown.
Back to the wings... this time referencing the myth of Icarus who flew to close to the sun... a comment on fame?

The wing/angel imagery is also a tribute to two of her biggest influences David Bowie and her late friend the designer Alexander McQueen
GaGa as centaur... make of that what you will...
Back to Madonna... GaGa poses in a 'Vogue like way...
Which in turn is influenced by the photographyer Horst P. Horst
Which might look a bit like this... again...
Now we have the 'Birth of Venus' and a 'Little Mermaid' reference...
She also:
Wears a glove-kini... which reference 'Alejandro' again and a very famous 'Rolling Stone' cover featuring Janet Jackson.
Becomes a black swan... which I'm not sure about...
Becomes the Hindu goddess Shakti, who is a mother figure...
...and also looks a bit like Kate Bush...
The last image references lots of her other videos... covering her eyes...
Which originally referenced...
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