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An amusement park is like a cell

No description

Jaquelin Hager

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of An amusement park is like a cell

An Amusement Park is like a cell (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The Nucleus is like the manager or
owner of the amusement park.

The owner or manager of the amusement
park controlls what days the park is
open, who works there and what rides
they have to offer, just as the
controlls all of the activity
taking place in the cell. Chromosomes are like the
amusement park's website and
papers that tell about the park.
The papers and websites about the park
store the info for the owner or manager
about the park, its rides, staff and
days that it is open just like
the chromosomes store the
insturctions for the
cell's activities. The powerhouses that contain the wires to supply the electricity for the rides at the park are like the mitochondria.

The powerhouses in a park that
contain all of the wires for the rides that
do need electricity suply the electricity
just like the energy for the cell is
made and stored in the mitochondria. A cell wall is like the gate around an amusement park.
The gate around the amusement park is like a cell wall because it separates the people and things that are inside the park and that aren't, just like a cell wall separates the cell from the rest of its enviornment. A cell membrane is like the ticket
checkers at the entrance to an amusement
The ticket checkers at the entrance to an
amusement park are living unlike the gate
around the park and allows people to pass
into and out of the park just like a cell
membrane is a living membrane unlike the
cell wall around the cell and controlls the
passage of substances into and out of
the cell.
Cellulose is like the cement
in a the wall around the
amusement park. =

The cement in a cement wall around an
amusement park is a tough substance that
supports and is inside the wall just like
cellulose is a tough substance that supports
and is inside the cell wall. Big and.... ... small Vacuoles are like the restaurants,
water fountains and bathrooms in an
amusement park.

Restaurants store food, water fountains store water, and bathrooms store waste just as vacuoles store water, food and waste. Plastids are like paint
buckets stored in a ware house
of an amusement park.
Paint buckets contain paint just as plastids
contain pigments. Pigments are like paint. Paint gives the rides like the roller coasters color that sometimes match
the characteristics of the ride; like how the roller coaster "Superman" is
painted red and blue just like pigments give parts of plants their
characteristic colors. THE END
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