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Demonstrative Adjectives

No description

layton Daum

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Demonstrative Adjectives

Give me those! This one? That one!
Demonstrative adjectives
come in 3 types
NEAR the speaker
este esta
estos estas
from the speaker
ese esa
esos esas
from the speaker
aquel aquella
aquellos aquellas
Demonstrative adjectives
agree in gender and number
with the noun they modify
ese libro
esta botella
aquellos chicos
But Wait!!!
You can also use
them as a pronoun!!!
¿Saben quién es ese señor?

Do you know who that man is?
¿Ése? Sí, es el reportero.

That one? Yes, he's the reporter
Aquel chico es muy guapo.

That boy is very handsome.
Aquél es muy feo.

That one is very ugly.
Y ahora inténtalo
This book (beside me)
is new.

This one is old.
Este libro es nuevo.

Éste es viejo.
That girl there is pretty.

That one is really pretty.
Esa chica es guapa.

Ésa es guapísima.
Those boys in
El Salvador are sad.
(Circa 1982)

Those ones in Canada
are fat.
Aquellos chicos en
El Salvador son tristes.

Aquéllos chicos en
Canadá son gordos.
Para terminar hagan
la actividad diez en
la página ochenta y tres.
(They have the same number and gender as the
noun they replace)
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