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Multimedia Presentations - Documentaries

No description

Devin scho

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Multimedia Presentations - Documentaries

for the
Session 1:
Documentary Films
What elements do you notice in the next clip?
Please write them down at your table.
What elements did you notice?
What educational value/opportunities can you identify?
Is it necessary for every student to do the same thing?
Think about your students for a moment...
Can students take on different roles/jobs?
Can that be based on interest/passion/talent?
The Process
Find a problem worth solving; a challenge worth taking on; a topic worth learning
Research. Dive headfirst into the topic/problem/challenge. Find out as much as possible.
Plan it out. Many times this is done on paper and then hung up and referred back to as a reference.
What questions do we have? Who might have the answers? Writing good questions.
Perfect place for Google Docs. Great writing opportunity. Chance for inspiring, descriptive, authentic, narration.
Creative types. Photography. Video. Graphics. Editing. What visuals will help tell the story?
Who is the intended audience? How do we know?
Then what?
Share our work: YouTube, Vimeo, DVD, PBS(?), Public Television (?), other classrooms...
One of the best learning opportunities for students (and for you!)
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