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AC/DC WAR!!!!!!!!!

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Birani Nyanat

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of AC/DC WAR!!!!!!!!!

What is AC current? INTRODUCTION alternating current
a current switching back and forth goes from positive (+) to negative (-)
RESEARCH CONCLUSION What is DC current? direct current
electricity flows in constant direction Who was it between? Which Side? What was their setup? Pros Cons Thomas Edison for DC
Nikola Telso for AC Nikola Telsa = Serbian - American Inventor
Thomas Edison = American Inventor cared little for alternating current TELSA
Edison's DC distribution system consisted of generating plants feeding heavy distribution conductors, with customer loads (lighting and motors) tapped off them EDISON In DC, flowing electric current frequently melted copper wires through which it flowed, causing transmission of DC over long distances hazardous and nearly impossible

DC has unwavering frequency, the signal generated initially had to be boosted over distances and requires much heavier conductors

this unwavering current caused transformers to be unusable in changing current

used more large, bulky copper wire The system operated at the same voltage level throughout AC, being transmitted at high voltage, can be deadly AC is able to travel long distances AC motors (fixed speed) are much simpler than DC motors Upon arriving in New York, he was shocked to find long stretches of sagging wires and exposed wiring strung all across New York, a result of Edison's DC system THE AC/DC WAR! sought work in Edison's laboratory to attempt to improve upon Edison's DC system Tesla was a visionary who thought through problems and solutions before acting, while Edison's motto was:

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Electric chair! DC has a lower line resistance than AC, thus it will have lower line losses DC is Cheaper to install Why did it win? The fact is, AC is a much better technology. The primary reason being the ability to use transformers
Transformers allow the power company to "step up" the voltage of the power produced at the generator, transmit the power over great distances at high voltage, and then step down the voltage before delivering the power to the customer. AC WINS YEAH! Does it still apply? HECK YEAH. Transformer technology (AC) has made long-range electric power distribution practical. used in household power as well ERICA AND BIRANI ARE AWESOME!
(and so is mrs. rogers)
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