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The Wright Brothers

No description

Kyle Gregory

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers
Innovations to Industry
The Wright Brothers basically created their own industry
Early Life
Born into a christian family
Late Life
In 1909 the Wright brothers formed the American Wright Company, with Wilbur taking the lead
Field of Industry
The Wright Brother's main field of industry was aviation
Impact of Industry
Even after the Wright Brothers had died the impact of their invention changes the world day by day
Innovations to Industry
The invention of the airplane made us come up with other things that could be put into the air
Wilbur Wright
Basic Information
Orville Wright
Born August 19, 1871
Born in Dayton, Ohio
Nicknamed "Father of Modern Aviation"
Born April 16th 1867
Born near Millville, Indiana
Middle child in a family of five children
Helped his brother invent the first airplane
Helped Invent the first airplane
Mother's name was Susan Wright
Father's name was Milton Wright
Younger brother of Wilbur Wright
Created a rubber-band powered helicopter called the "bat"
Impact of Industry
"The quest for flight"
Had 2 brothers and 1 sister
Wilbur suffered a facial injury which prevented him from continuing his education
Only way for Wilbur to receive his education was through his fathers library
Helped their father, who edited a journal called the "Religious Telescope"
Began their own paper called the "West Side News"
Went into business together as printers producing everything from religious handouts to commercial fliers.
His death left Orville feeling depressed and alone.
Wilbur dies in Dayton, Ohio on May 30th, 1912 of typhoid fever
In 1915 Orville sells his rights to the firm for 1.5 million dollars. (36 million in today's dollar amount)
In 1948, Orville suffers a heart attack after fixing his doorbell
To honor the Wright Brother's legacy, the Wright brothers' first powered airplane, the 1903 "Flyer," is enshrined at the Smithsonian Institution.
On January 30th, Orville dies
The airplane is used in almost every category possible
Traveling to distant places is much faster than it was back then
From shipping packages to carrying troops into war zones, the airplane has always been an important asset.
Airplanes can be used for exploration and recreation (skydiving)
If there wasn't the invention of the airplane we probably wouldn't of came up with something to be launched into space and land a man on the moon.
Basic Information
Gained interest in aviation when their father brought home a toy helicopter
Opened a bicycle sales and repair shop called the Wright Cycle Exchange at 1005 West Third Street in Dayton, OH in 1892
Another field of industry of theirs was bicycles but this lead to the advance of the airplane
People have innovated the airplane all the way up even to today
The idea of the airplane has turned into much more than the Wright Brothers ever could of imagined
With things like rudders, engines and propellers people have taken the Wright Brothers ideas into new perspectives
Companies like FedEx and UPS rely on cargo ships to get packages to customers and business worldwide.
Like rockets, helicopters, and space shuttles
The innovation of the airplane makes traveling easier
The Wright Brothers completely changed the aviation industry with their invention
By: Kyle, Dylan, & Kaitlin
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