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Justice Society of America

By: Kyle, Manveer, Steven

Kyle Jordan

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Justice Society of America

Hawk Man Mr.Terrific I Green Lantern I Flash I Flash (Jay Garrick) Introducing the team The Justice Society of America is the world's first
and greatest super team. This team, was made at
the time of WW ll, and is the only team Superman
looks up too. Most of the founding members of this
team are still alive as they enter their 90's. Sand Man Cyclone Green Lantern (Alan Scott) Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane) Teams Origin What Makes This Team
"I think what makes this team effective is how they have different
superheroes and the superheroes have different types of superheroes . Also what makes this team effective is how this team fights as a team and how this team's superheroes have different superpowers and that makes it easier for them to fight
villains . Responses Important & Interesting Facts Flash's Powers : Flash can run at superhuman speeds he can move swiftly enough to intercept bullets . Flash can also carry people without causing injury to people and can make himself invisible by vibrating his body. Origin: Jay was a student in a college in
1940. When he was in college he could
run at superhuman speeds and had
similar fast reflexes . In his career he
started off as a college football player
and he had a helmet . He used
his helmet as a weapon type shield in
world war 2. Powers : Cyclone possess wind
manipulation and she is able
to mentally summon cyclones
and whirl-winds and powerful
bursts of air and she can fly
through air by riding wind-
currents. Origin: Cyclone is the grand-daughter of the ORIGINAL Red Tornado . When she was 6 years she was kidnapped by the Mad Scientist and the Mad Scientist created the second red tornado. When she reached her adulthood she began to show her super-human abilities. Green Lantern's Powers : Green Lantern's powers all come from his power ring. His power ring gives him the ability to create solid structures. Green Lantern's ring is one of the most dangerous weapons in the universe, and as long as he has the ring he has great control over the physical world. The greater the user's willpower, the more effective the ring. Flight is another power, including flight beyond the speed of light. Other powers Telepathic powers. Force field generation. Time travel (Several
power rings are needed
to complete this) Origin: In 1939, the lantern and engineer Alan Scott were on board a train testing the newly constructed Trestle Bridge in the American West. A worker engineer of Scott's was worried about their competitor in the bid for the bridge, man named Albert Dekker. Scott did not believe Dekker would be so bad as to sabotage their trial run, but he was wrong. While crossing the bridge there was a huge explosion, the train crashed down to the ground below. All on the train were killed, except for Alan Scott. The green lantern's flame started glowing and spoke to Scott, telling him much of its story. The flame promised Scott that power over the dark, evil things would be his if he had faith in himself. If he lost his faith, he would lose his power, because willpower was the flame of the green lantern. Powers : Terry Sloane was a rich man who had
photographic memory, Olympic-level athletic skills,
and mastery of the martial arts which made him a outstanding man. FOUNDING MEMBERS •The Specter
•Doctor Fate
•Sandman I
•The Atom
•Hourman I Powers: Sandman (sandy Hawkins) origin: origin cyclone (Maxine Hunkel) In the late 1930's USA's top superheroes : Green Lantern, the Flash, the
Spectre Doctor Fate, the Sandman I, the Atom, Hourman I, and Sandman joined together to stop Adolf Hitler's invasion of Britain and to save president
Roosevelt from the Nazi's. Thus, the team formed and grouped up for meetings and events to help America! Hawkman uses a metal (not real) called "Ninth metal" or "Nth Metal" which defies gravity, thus this makes him fly. The metal is located on his belt. Hawkman also has wings on his back, these wings move by the motions of his shoulders. Hawkman can breathe underwater by the Gift of Posiedion during the GOLDEN age. He acquires enhanced senses (like a hawk) and he can talk with birds. Hakwman also uses Thanagarian weapons (spears, shield and a mace). Carter Hall wasn't like an ordinary person from the present time. Carter Hall belongs to the Ancient time of Egypt. He was known as "Prince Khufu". Carter obtained his powers by finding a Thangarian crash ship in the dessert. His friend "Teth Adam (Black Adam" lifted the ship and brought it to Carter. He started to gain the Nth Metal that defies gravity. Later then, Carter died during his time but resurrected over 3000 years in our present day. PAGE 1. INTRODUCTION - JSA eMPHASIS training and they aide the next generation superhereos. Manveer's Response Kyle's Response Steven's Response - In one single story, the JSA team went out for dinner. (Garnder Fox combined
all the primary characters. HAWKMAN'S LOGO HAWKMAN HOLDING A MACE Difference between JSA & JLA The difference between JSA and JLA are that the publisher of J.S.A decided to put in Superheros that were lesser known than the most famous ones. JSA was full of superheros without their own titles until they formed a team. But some JSA members turned out to be in The JLA afterwards. Both teams turned out to be in different "Earths". Justice Society of America lived in "Earth-Two" while Justice League of Society lived in "Earth-One". JSA Flash
Green Lantern Sandman
Doctor Fate
Atom Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt / Johnny Thunderbolt
Superman (Earth-2 version)
Batman (Earth-2 version)
Doctor Mid-Nite
Wonder Woman (Earth-2)
Mister Terrific
Black Canary

Hawkgirl Martian Manhunter Mr.Terrific.
Black Canary
Hawkgirl & Hawkman
Green Lantern JLA Check out the Venn Diagram --------> THe Most Important (Key) MEmbers Venn Diagram Superman Batman Flash Green Lantern Wonderwoman Aquaman Atom, Atom-smasher Aztek B'wana Beast Black Canary Blue Devil By Steven, Kyle, & Manveer Page 3. The Most Important (Key) Members Page 4. Difference Between JSA & JLA Page 2. Introducing the team Page 5. Team ORigin PAge 6. Important & Interesting Facts PAge 7. What Makes This Team
Effective? Thank YOu For Watching Introducing the team INTRODUCTION THe Most Important (Key) Members Difference Between JSA & JLA Team Origin Important & Interesting Facts Powers: HAWKMAN'S LOGO
Origin : After graduating college at age thirteen, he eventually
became a business man in the community. Having accomplished all
of his goals by the time he was in his early 20s, Terry felt there were
no challenges left for him to complete, leading him towards suicidal
thoughts. However, seeing a young woman jump from a bridge,
Terry reacted quickly and saved her. He learned her name was Wanda
Wilson. Terry assisted her brother, who had been caught up in a gang,
by adopting him. He then created the "Fair Play Club" to prevent people
from troubled kids. Hawkman (Carter Hall) "I think this team is really effective because they help the lesser known heroes become better and they always work together. The fact that the team has more than 25 different members makes them even better because all of them have different powers and so there team know most of the powers. Also, they make America a safer place because they're base is in New York, and they only fight crime in America. "I think what makes this team effective is how each Superhero is a group of different varieties of their characteristics and superpowers . . . Also, What makes this team effective is that this team has a meaningful purpose (which is saving America and keeping it safe).. J.S.A is made out of Superheroes that contain a certain extraordinary powers. In a certain situation, The team has a big chance of using their powers to solve the situation. If a lot of superheros work together, it will lead to a safer environment. Also, this team make a great impact and success to help people. J.S.A has stopped Hitler in the Comics. What makes this team effective is that this team has a meaningful purpose (which is saving America and keeping it safe). Sandy Hawkins (The Golden boy) was a sidekick to the other Sandman (Wesley Dodds). Sandy's childhood started with being an Orphan. He was then adopted by The other sandman, and became his Sidekick. Sandman contains psychic powers such as manipulations, seismic energy etc. sandy Hawkins has a surviving relative named "Dian Belmot". Sandy used to be a member of Young All-star team until it became All-star Squadron. Later then, Sandman became a chemical-based monster. Sandy was put in hold until Wesley Dodds found a cure. He can transform into sand, uses a gas mask and
a gas gun. Sandman has earth manipulation, seismic energy and prophetic visions/dreams - Hawkgirl cheated on Hawkman (Carter Hall) over Sandman - JSA's secret base is in Battery Park,
New York
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