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PAVITT: Participatory Video, a Training Tool for young entre

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Svetlana Sobova

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of PAVITT: Participatory Video, a Training Tool for young entre

Existing grants for entrepreneurs
From Turkish Government:
Informing of potential participants
Google Docs Form for applicants+ announcement in a organization web site and local web resources:

Selection of participating youth
The Application Form was filled by 88 young people.
According to the Selections Profile we choosed 6 motivating participants and 10 more we put to the Reserve List.

May, 2013
Researching Process
Territorial socio-economic context
The elements which shape and effecting for a socio-economic situation:
demographic structure and population
- 75 627 384 (2012)
- 75% of total population (2011)
employment rates
around 10% (2012)/ the high level unemployment is a population in the age between 15 - 24
gross domestic product / gross national product
- values increasing but not as a big amounts
international trade

June - September, 2013
Production of PV
Training Workshops

Participatory Video,
a Training Tool for
young entrepreneurs

System and Generating Association
Ankara, Turkey

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization - KÖSGEB
- Practical Entrepreneurship Training, Amount of Grant - 30 000 TL, Amout of Bank Credit - 70 000 TL
The Scientific and Technological Research council of turkey - Tübitak
- Entrepreneurship Training, Professional Mentor Support (Law, Budget, management), Amount of Grant - 100 000 TL, 400 000 TL
Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology - Techno-entrepreneurship Support Program
- Amount of Grant - 100 000 TL

Support from Private and International organizations
The workshops are design
under the principles of
experimental learning and knowledge of main steps
to make a PV
making off,
selection of material,
editing and post-production).

strengthening the capacity for
creativity and innovation of young people
broadening to a variety of creative
forms of self-expression
raising awareness
of the importance of creativity innovation and entrepreneurship
fostering entrepreneurial
spirit and skills
openness to cultural

20 hours
November, 2013
promote creativity, reflexion, team building
Include games, group activities, individual task, personal and collective development techniques.

The specific of PV methodology, content and process.

How to use video camera, work in Adobe Premier Pro , Subtitles Workshop, Adobe After Effects.

: credits, competitions
Embassy of the United States:
trainings, competition
European Youth Portal:
Knowledge, information, resources, trainings.

Previous Experiences on Participatory Video
1. Sector: Youth/Human Rights/LGBT from Project
"Make It Better"
2. Sector: Environment/ recycling solutions from Project
"Trash is a Cash"
3. Sector: Humans Rights/ youngsters from
"Community Journalist Helps Bring Teachers to School"
Workshop Techniques
1. Scenario
2. Choose the Participants for Video
3. Make the Questionnaire
4. Divition the Responsibilities
5. Shooting process
6. Check the video content
7. Editing process
8. Translation of subtitles
9. Make the subtitles

December 2013 - January 2014
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