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Portal is a 2007 first-person puzzle platform video game developed by Valve

Fab Lan

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Portal

A Summary
Throughout the Portal series, you take on the role of Chell , a young woman trapped within the Aperture Science complex. Chell is forced to solve tests of varying difficulty in chambers designed by a rogue AI named GLaDOS . During the early stages of the game, Chell gains access to the Hand held Portal Device (Commonly Referred to as the Portal Gun), a piece of equipment developed by Aperture Science, that allows Chell to create portals. These portals act as gates between the other, allowing Chell to reach unreachable places, she could not get to without them.
GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System):
GLaDOS is an artificial intelligence made from a human that went rogue after being installed in the Aperture mainframe.

The protagonist and daughter of the CEO of the corporation.

Cave Johnson:
Cave is the father of Chell and CEO of Aperture Science.

Caroline Johnson:
Caroline is an unseen character in the portal series, but is an integral part of GLaDOS's backstory. For Caroline is GLaDOS...

Wheatley is your companion in the beginning of Portal 2.

Character Development
Connection To Another Text
Throughout the story of Portal, the main character Chell doesn't change for she does not have any dialogue to express her character. But her antagonist GLaDOS, shows who she really is when she was a human, before turning her into an AI.
Another character that changes is your companion in the second game, Wheatley, who betrays you after, you help him take over the corporation.

Literary Terms
Personification: In Portal/Portal 2, you are met with many enjoyable and hilarious robot characters which presumably have human characteristics. It is funny because your main character Chell seems more like a robot than the actual robots, for she does not speak in the games.

Dialogue: The dialogue is one of the game's
strong points for it really drives you to
continue on this journey to reach the ending.
Dramatic Structure
Portal is set in the Half-Life universe, another game made by the same people "Valve". In Portal you are testing for Aperture Science who are bitter rivals with Half-Life's Black Mesa.
An example that proves this is when:
When the pre-recorded message of the CEO, Cave Johnson mutters something about the yokels at Black Mesa linking the two storys.
The Half-Life series of video games share a science fiction alternate history. All of the games are first-person shooters unlike the first person puzzle game that Portal is. In this game, you play as Gordon Freeman.
The setting in the game came about because testers spent too much time trying to complete the puzzles using decorative but non-functional elements. As a result, the setting was minimized to make the usable aspects of the puzzle easier to spot.
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