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Super Mario Bros. 3

ENGL 2303

Amanda Gallardo

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario has to defeat Koopalings in Mushroom Kingdom
>7 Koopalings in 7 worlds Obstacle Obstacle Conclusion Summary In Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser and his Koopalings try to conquer Mushroom Kingdom. Mario (and Luigi if 2 player modes are chosen) goes through challenges (or levels) in each world. At the end of each of the seven worlds, Mario must defeat a Koopaling. While Mario is on his adventure, Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool. In the final world, Mario must defeat Bowser to save the Princess. After Mario saves the Princess, they go back to Mushroom Kingdom. Mario goes through worlds
to get to the final world Super Mario Bros. 3 is an adventure that allows the player to determine the sequence of the game. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Genre: Adventure •The game can be nonlinear

•Game still has a story line
>beginning, middle, and ending

•Player choices how the story is told

•Game can be played as 1-player or 2-player
>Mario=1-player, Mario & Luigi=2-player

•Not every level has to be completed to finish a world & to move to the next world

•Not every world has to be completed to arrive at the final level (Bowser’s Castle)

•A warp whistle can be used to move between worlds Mario uses a map-like structure to go from level to level in each world Theme: Spatial Narrative www.mariowiki.com www.mariowiki.com Obstacle www.mariowiki.com www.mariowiki.com www.mariowiki.com Enemies throughout the game try to transform Mario into a “weaker” version of himself
>Super Mario to Small Mario Each world has a theme in itself>World 2 is Desert Land en.wikipedia.org www.mariowiki.com www.amazon.com
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