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Untested Rape Kits

Persuasive Speech #2, Speech, Fall '12

Alex Wells

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Untested Rape Kits

Injustice! 20,000 counted TEXAS BACKLOG Victoria Camp Illinois New York City 1,300 rape kits tested in 2010 alone Why Aren't Rape Kits Tested? How To Solve the Backlog Problem Texas BUT survivors choose the rape kit for a reason Imagine... It's a Saturday night! Untested rape kits lead to... unsolved rape cases more rape crimes an ineffective justice system ? 1 out of 6 women 1 out of 33 men COLLEGE
STUDENTS Untested Rape Kit Backlog CBS News Investigation Valerie Neumann (RAINN): rape kit DNA What DNA evidence provides affirm victim's story
track down alleged rapist
link unsolved cases of serial rapists
protect innocent people from being charged 71% of all rapists are repeat offenders (not including 12 major cities) US Department of Justice:
Forensic Evidence Report of all rape cases are left unsolved 73% 25% untested forensic evidence Region % South West Midwest Northeast 49.6 26.3 16.6 7.5 Cost: $750 - $1500 Low rates of prosecution only 46% of cases are reported Victim recants or is unwilling to move forward - David Lisak, UMass Illinois New York City The New York Times Senator Wendy Davis (D), Fort Knox Sgt. Elizabeth Donegan Deputy Director of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault created legislation for backlog testing counter argument... sex crimes unit at the Austin Police Department retrograde approach is wasteful 70% arrest rate for rape cases 3x the national average created legislation based on NYC new time limits submitting rape kit to lab getting rape kit tested but only if “sufficient staffing and resources are available” Track down repeat offenders Survivors of rape can finally find answers Protecting the innocent from being falsely convicted of a rape charge The Benefits of Testing the Backlog Steve Redding, attorney from Minneapolis, MN Put 8 of the 35 behind bars 35 unsolved rape cases Found a link between two separate cases Cornelius Dupree Jr. 1980 How can I help? Don't let rape kits go untested! Email your representative 5th Congressional District Jim Cooper http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ Dear Representative Cooper... Need more funding for testing forensic evidence in rape kits Keep yourself safe. Keep others safe. engage in discussion monitor alcohol/drug consumption when out trust your instincts stay aware of being isolated volunteer with anti-domestic violence or anti-sexual assault organizations join Belmont University advocacy groups International Justice Mission (IJM) R.A.D. courses If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault... RAINN: http://www.rainn.org/get-help Report Rape Kit Follow-up + + National Domestic Violence Hotline: http://www.thehotline.org/ SEEK JUSTICE Identify rape kit backlog How to solve this problem Results for society if solution is achieved Protect and Prosecute
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