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Embracing Technology :)

PD 30 minutes to recap personal experience at FLAT Classroom conference and introduce our NEW staff wiki, with How to use a wiki mini-lesson to follow.

Heather Woodland

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Embracing Technology :)

Embracing Technology
(or A confidence boost to utilize
more Web 2.0 tools in your classroom)
(or Why y'all need your own PLN) i used to think that additional technology was not being used in my classroom because... this is my excuse list... i am in China i can't keep up some of my students struggle with paper and pencil activities feeling scared to risk new technology in my lessons failing How about you? Have you ever hesitated to bring in some new technology in your classroom? I attended the FlatClassroom Conference here in Beijing at Beijing BISS International school. I am so proud of the transformation
that happened to me during and after
the conference. my experience What Flatclassroom is and isn't. What technology are you
using in your classroom? so let's replace excuse lists
with reasons to use web 2.0 in your classroom next year/semester/class...wait until I learn it and become comfortable students are already usually
using these kinds of technology Need to invigorate your lessons...try technology... let's head off to do our
own bootcamp:
A wiki for SinoBright #8 Teachers
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