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Social Media influence>?

A presentation examining ideas and recommendations for best practices for social media.

valavan A

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media influence>?

Tips And Recommendations
Social Media
Best Practices In
Social Media

Social Media Best Practices
View social media as extension of broadcast experience. Build audience. Seek dialogue. Work for you.

Offer value, not just promote.

Use to find sources.

Target networks/audience to advance aims.

Find Facebook/Twitter one-sheet.
Average of 45 minutes per month
Average of 89 minutes per month
Average of almost 7 hours per month
All stats circa 2012
Average of 36 minutes per month
Mini-updates of content delivered in "tweet" form.
Photo sharing and photo manipulation
Posting and "repinning" of images and arrangement on boards
Content sharing. Consisting of text, photos, video, audio, URLs. Extension of social experience.
Where Are People?
Where Are People?
Report 2012

Passed 1 billion users. Membership will plateau

Facebook pivots from aggressive growth to increasing engagement.
Strategy change reflected in "frictionless" sharing and page redesigns last year.

All signs point to increased engagement with content providers.

Facebook must innovate and evolve or suffer MySpace's fate.

Also dealing with "graying" of social networks. Men and those 55 years and older are fastest growing demographics. (ComScore 2011)
66 percent of all Internet users are on Facebook

Tilts in favor of women. 70 percent of women surveyed. 63 percent of men.

64 percent of those with post-graduate use Facebook.
Why Facebook?
What About Others?
What Is Social Media?
Thank You
Closing Thoughts
Facebook's Strategy
What's Behind The Strategy
Who Is Facebook?
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