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Seamus's Prezi

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Seamus's Prezi

Did you know that a long time ago in Rome the roman empire had problems similar to the ones we have today? Also Rome's greatest foe was itself. Money, social life, and politics were pushed to the limit.
Economically, Rome was doing fine, but when the roman soldiers brought in slaves from conquered lands every thing began to go down hill. The Romans traded, bought, and sold slaves. The slaves provided free labor, which to some was good, but to most was causing problems. The slaves took most of the available jobs. Many people became poor, homeless, and beggars.
In conclusion, Rome was one of the biggest empire in the world.they had a strong government and a good money system. But you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall.
Social life in Rome
Social life in Rome 1882 years ago is different than our social life now. In Rome 1882 years ago there where plebeians and there where patricians. One where poor and homeless while the other where rich and lived like kings.
Politically, Rome was pretty good until the end. Every government and every politic is different but every thing has one thing that's the same. The roman empire and our present day government both have weak spots. Rome's weak spot was slavery and over population.
The roman empire
Social life now
Rome was different than us. We have upper classes, lower classes, lower middle classes, and upper middle classes. The Romans didn't. We have 4 classes the Romans had 2.
And did you know that Julius Caesar helped the poor and homeless. But in the end, he gained to much power and was assassinated.
India is also economically in trouble. People are illegally migrating to India from places all over the world and there isn't enough jobs for every one there. People there also are having more children for many reasons.
1. more children means more people to earn income (which is money).
2. more children means more people to take care of the parents when they turn old.
3. most families have children until they have a boy because boys make better income.
India is also in a over population problem. Illegal migrating and people having to many children are the two of the causes of this. Money and jobs are also a problem.
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