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PH 121 8.1-8.2 Mini Lecture Class

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 31 May 2018

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Transcript of PH 121 8.1-8.2 Mini Lecture Class


An object in projectile motion that experiences drag will have the maximum range when the launch angle is
A. 45 degrees
B. more than 45 degrees
C. less than 45 degrees
In UCM using an rtz - coordinate system which motion variables are non-zero?
A. v and v
B. a and a
C. a and v
D. a and v
True / False: In circular Dynamics for an object to move in UCM there can't be any force pointing away from the center of a circle
A. True
B. False
For a car turning around a banked corner too quickly for the banking angle, which forces point towards the center of the circle?
A. All of the Normal force
B. All of the Frictional force
C. All of the Normal and part of the Frictional
D. All of the Frictional and part of the Normal
E. Part of the Normal and part of the Frictional
In your humble opinion how was the flipping of the class today thus far. (we will still do practice problems)
IE your preparation (reading and video) and my mini lecture (which I have posted for you to review)
A. 5 great
B. 4 good
C. 3 about the same
D. 2 ok but I'm worried.....
E. 1 All I can say is terror.....

CQ: 2, 5
Pr: 1, 22, 23, 26 and 5, 9, 33, 35, 43

Linear Circular
Your turn
.5 kg rocket falls off 40-m high wall with initial horizontal speed of .5 m/s and engine fires immediately with 20 N thrust, horizontally.
A. Where does it land
B. Describe trajectory
39 10 g steel ball spins in 12 cm diameter steel tube with speed of 150 rpm, will it fall or stay same height
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