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Chaeyeon Im

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of 기업교육

5. Conclusion Samsung Fire/Marine Insurance Song-Mu Big League Training and Development case report One of the Biggest insurance companies for profit
Slogan: ' '
Vision: 'Total Risk Solution.'
Business philosophy: to devote talent and technology to creating superior
products and services that contribute to a better
global society
Final goal: becoming one of the global top 10 companies until 2020. HRD Center RC Mobile Program Hopeful Seoul Citizen Happiness Seoul Metropolitan Government Public administration organization
Brand: ‘Hi Seoul’
Slogan: ‘Soul of Asia'
Vision: Seoul we can build together, Seoul we can share together.'
Final five goals: 0840036 ChaeYeon Im 1047005 Moonjin Kim
1146025 Dayeon Jung 1146030 Hyoseon Ju Samsung Fire/Marine Insurance & Seoul Metropolitan Government Contents introduction What is the
organization? Conclusion 1 2 5 3 4 What is the
program? (based on ADDIE) What can be suggestions? (reflection) Song-Mu Big League RC Mobile Program 1. Introduction Training Program Analysis The Background of
the training program Reflections on the
training program Viewpoint from ADDIE The ultimate goal of
Samsung Fire Insurance
" Global Top 10 in 2020' Who is our sincere interviewee? His career in Samsung FMI is... Analyze Design & Development Implement Evaluate For-Profit vs. Non-for-Profit References Pre-session Main-session Song-Mu Big League positive
feedback Samsung
CIC mobile course
feedback discussion
using CIC
high retention 1) No tool to control
learner’s preview

2) Low retention rates by three people
with 30million won
during 3 months in 3 days (2012.07.11~7.12)
in U-SONG Education Center
30 trainees at each
Learn about...
- how to find faults
- how to compensate for clients
- how to understand regulations
- how to proceed a trial + For Transfer,
Detailed Needs Assessment is done.
1) Comprehension Check
2) Satisfaction Check Human Resource Development Center Sales Department enjoying benefits of welfare
growing up together
creating culture together
making safety and green city
citizen’s administrative policies Training Program Analysis The Background of
the training program Reflections on the
training program Viewpoint from ADDIE Viewpoint from
organization's goal The ultimate goal of
Samsung Fire Insurance
'Global Top 10 in 2020' Analyze Design & Development Implement Evaluate 1) low efficiency

2) a possibility of legality about 200 people
focusing on transfer
a lot of cost
Off-line instruction At April
60~70% of RCs
Lecture, discussion, and problem solving learning
Learn about...
- how to consult using mobile
- how to consult using video
- how to close an electronic contract
- how to use the designed program 1) Reflection of opinion
- questionnaire
- interview
- phone monitoring

2) Identification of degree of increasing sales RC manages customer’s assets and recommends appropriate insurance products. So, there are many training program which can improve RC's counseling skills. They said,
“Education can be a cure-all" But, these day, it is more important to providing reliable information and then making faithful relationship with customers So, they make "RC mobile training program" RC is various from 20 to 60. So, need more learner analysis. But, they don’t have
the analysis of various learners. Their final goal is
'to offer qualitative consulting and
services and increasing of sales'. But they de-emphasize
a level of 'service'. So, need more an element of enhancement of service mind. For-Profit Non-for-Profit
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

By Whom? Employees

To raise the quality of sales service
Competitive advantage in HRD part Raymond A. Noe, Employee Training and Development 5th edition, 2010.
Dave Ulrich, HR from the Outside In, 2012.
Robert Branch, Instrutional Design : The ADDIE approach, 2002.
<Seoul Training Plan>, 2012.
www.hrd.seoul.go.kr Hopeful Seoul Citizen Happiness A moment in 2012 Fall Seoul Metropolitan Government

By whom? public officials

To enhance the attitude
to provide faithful service
a special HRD system Any questions?
Thank you for the listening. The period of the deepest sorrow he said,
2003~2006 Confirming Underwriting job
2006~2009 HRD staff in Sales Dept.
2010~ HRD manager in HRD Support Dept. 13 Nov 2012 - 1st meeting
23 Nov 2012 - 2nd meeting
29 Nov 2012 - Validation
+ several e-mail contacts Jongchul Lee
HRD Support Dept. Sales Dept.
There should be

1) More detailed evaluation process

2) More specific method to
facilitate transfer Trainees' satisfaction rate: High
Manager's satisfaction rate: High
Client's satisfaction: Increased
Profit: Increased Who is our sincere interviewee? HR becomes the most important dept. in the company. inside or outside?
The 80% of the profit Training Program Analysis The Background of
the training program Reflections on the
training program Viewpoint from ADDIE Viewpoint from
organization's goal The ultimate goal of
Seoul Metropolitan
'Making citizen's better life' Analyze Design & Development Implement Evaluate 1) influences all over Korea as the capital.

2) have to internalize its philosophy and value For officials lower than grade 5
Once in two years
One of course takes 1 day (7 hours)
At Seoul HRD Center 50 times
100 officials at once
1) cannot be evaluated exactly
2) immediate feedback only Also they try to approach its slogan,

‘Seoul we can build together, Seoul we can share together.’ Seoul influences all over Korea as the capital. So, they make ‘Hopeful Seoul Citizen Happiness.’ 1) An learner analysis

2) Outsourcing There should be more detailed strategy
to make the trainees retain
the philosophy and value. HRD Dept. Internalizing its philosophy and value for officials is important for achieving its goal. - Sharing philosophy and vision of Seoul administration

- Having a time for empathic understanding and communication

- Discussing about 15 plans of Seoul administration

- Doing activities in teamwork (two hours and a half) Seoyoon Rho
Senior Professional
CFP. 20 Nov 1012 - interview
+ several e-mail contacts Her career in Samsung CFP is... 2003~2005 Sales job
2005~2008 Instruction job
2008~2012 Sales job Seonjae yoon
Action officer
(stage 6)
HRD Devision 27 Nov 1012 - interview
+ several e-mail contacts His career in SMG is... 2001~2002 The traffic planning section
2002~2004 Social affairs division
2004~2008 Budget officer
2008~2010 Planning Officer
2010~2011 Finance Department
2011~2012 HRD Human Resource Department To achieve the goal,
they should raise a person
who has passion for professionalism Viewpoint from
organization's goal Song-Mu Big League Information Age Two organizations
'participation in training'
as a requirement
for promotion.

HRD is crucial! Who is our sincere interviewee? Trainees main job is indemnifying losses. So, they make Song Mu Big League It is important to acquire
knowledge and skills related to Song Mu. Form of competition
"increased motivation" Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Importance of intangible asset The competence of employees 2. What is the organization? 3. What is the program?
4. What can be suggestions? based on ADDIE
Especially Old person is a shortage of
understanding technology. Enough helpful
to achieve the goal Human Resource Development Division
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