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Future Technolody

No description

Howard Battersby

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Future Technolody

Future Technology
Future Cars
Cars are one of the things changing quickly, many people use cars everyday and rely on them. The first car was invented in France, 1769. Future cars are being planned as we speak and a lot of people don't know what is coming to them. Cars are predicted to be able to fly, drive on water, sand, snow, organize your life and still drive with no limits. As new cars are coming out so often no one really knows where we will be with them in ten years from today.

The first speed limit was 2mph - 4mph. Believe it or not an accident that leaded in death was only at just 4mph.
Future Phones
Have you ever thought of your phone being able to organize your life. Not by you putting in reminders and it making a noise to let you know. It would be able to speak to you and answer any of the questions or request you have. In the bottom right hand corner is a picture of the future iPhone. This phone would benefit peoples lives because even though its simple it can do so many fascinating things. This will change
Where is the future taking us?
Have you ever thought about how the future will change? What will happen in ten years? Cars, mobile phones, consoles and computers are already changing so quickly. When waking up and going through the day you use technology, it doesn't seem like technology has changed a lot but looking back technology has changed in a variety of ways. It is changing more and more everyday, the world around us is changing. The big question is will technology take over the world?
By Michaela Ludkin 8.5
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