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BYOD Prezi

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Dave Crowder

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of BYOD Prezi

Learning Mission:
We will intentionally and purposefully incorporate a variety of tools, including technology, to foster a learning environment that allows and encourages our students:
to be problem solvers
to be creative and innovative
to think critically and analytically
to access and evaluate up-to-date and relevant material
to become lifelong learners
to take ownership of their digital footprints
To prepare our students for a 21st century world
To instill a strong awareness of positive digital citizenship behaviors and ethics
To build critical thinking skills
To build problem solving skills
To demonstrate deep understanding of concepts and ideas
To personalize learning
To extend learning beyond our classroom walls

"How do we provide computers for those that will not bring them?"
"What if we already have systems in place with paper? If we change now, I'm afraid of losing all the efficiency that I gained!"
"Won't there be rampant Cyber Bullying?"
"The kids won't be able to print from their computers at school, and this forces us to use more "drop box" systems on our desktops for grading! Isn't it slower and less efficient to grade electronic versions?"
"Some of us may not want our students to bring computers to school or to our classes."
"Are our students eventually going to lose the ability to "write?"
"Can we allow for staff and student diversity and all live together?"
"It's a lot to think about and prepare for. Is it worth our time now?"
BYOD Resources
Build Your Own Destiny
Ideas for LMS
Power down times during passing and lunch.
(confiscated - after 2 times, parent has to pick it up)
Learning Vision:
Louisville Middle School students will be creative, innovative, problem solvers who use critical thinking.
At Back-To-School night, tell all the parents that the kids NEED TO LEARN how to type, and that we don't teach it any more!
At least 9" or larger for typing out essays and lab write-ups, so you can type.. Cell phones don't cut it.
PowToon - good tool for student power points.
Big problem.. Have to teach the kids to get used to charging the device, and using it appropriately so that it will hold its charge all day. Close it, or turn off when not in use. (charging stations?)
Why do this?
Schools are running out of tech funding.
Computers we buy become irreplaceable and obsolete in only a few years.
We are a feeder to Monarch a BYOD school, and it's an inevitable trend. It's not a question of whether we do it, It's a question of when do we begin. Isn't it better to think about it now, and be ready for the change?
Potential Doubts and Questions from Parents and Staff
LanSchool - Teacher computer controls the class
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