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Ready Player One

No description

Everest Britt

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Ready Player One

James Halliday was the creator of the OASIS and was one of the richest men in the world. He had absolutely no friends until high school and had an odd fascination with games, movies, shows,etc. from the 1980's, which he integrated into certain parts of the OASIS. He was considered a loon by some and a genius by others but that didn't stop anyone from playing the OASIS.
The OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation) is a first person life simulation that's also an MMO, where players could create an avatar in any way, shape, or form they wanted to. The OASIS was far more than the average game because it's controlled with special haptic gloves and a visor that encompasses your entire field of vision, but playing was only one thousandth of the things you can do. You can go to school, shop, run businesses, though it or simply ride your two headed flying demon unicorn, and much more. OASIS turned out to be a prison which people willingly locked themselves in as the world around them slowly died from neglect. The OASIS is made up of 27 different sectors which together, resemble a Rubik's Cube. Each sector is made up of hundreds or thousands of fully explorable planets making the odds of finding a key or gate on accident almost non- existent.
Wade Watts is the main protagonist of the book. Five years after the contest began he solved the riddle and was the first person to obtain the copper key but the second to discover its location. As a child Wade had a pretty rough life, his dad was killed by bandits, and his mom died by injecting herself with bad drugs. After that he lived with his aunt who treated him unfairly and took anything of value away from him. He was constantly bullied in school and eventually, he started taking his courses through OASIS. He had no real friends except for Aech who he met on OASIS, but he has never met him in person.
The IOI is the main antagonist of the book and their main goal is to take over OASIS by finding the egg and then make it into one big advertisement. IOI basically owns half the real world so its only natural for them to want to take over the virtual one as well. IOI is a company that is low enough to resort to murder in order to get the information they want. One great example is when they successfully kill Daito by throwing him out the window of his 43rd floor apartment, and they also attempt to bribe Wade into telling them the location of the copper key but when he refuses they try to kill him by blowing up his house. Wade lives and goes into hiding but his aunt and several of his neighbors die in the explosion. The ringleader of IOI is a guy named Sorrento who eventually cheated and bribed enough people to be the first to find the crystal key.
Ready Player One
Book by Ernest Cline
The theme of this book was perseverance.
Ready Player One begins in 2044 where almost every living person on earth spends their entire day on a virtual life simulation called OASIS, trying to escape from the reality and pain of their near ruined world. One morning word of the game creators death appears on the news along with his will. He states that he will leave behind his entire fortune, house and, the rights to the game to whoever finds his hidden easter egg located inside. The egg is guarded by three keys and three gates of copper, jade, and crystal and the only clue to the their whereabouts was a small, four line riddle. After this message was global everyone in the world began the Hunt.
James Halliday
Wade Watts - Parzival
Innovative Online Industries
Samantha Cook - Art3mis
Art3mis found the location of the copper key five weeks prior to Wade finding it however she was unable to obtain it because she could not beat the Joust Challenge, but she finally completes it right after Wade. When Wade meets Art3mis he fall in love with her without actually meeting her in person. When both their names appear on the Scoreboard at the same time everyone thinks they work together even though that is not the case. She is also the first person to find the jade key.
Aech (pronounced "H") and Wade both consider each other best friends even though they only communicate through OASIS. Aech is the third person to find the copper key and the second to find the jade key. Aech is a famous PvP tournament player and is also dedicated to finding the egg. He and Wade are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to 1980's culture references and James Halliday.
Daito and Shoto
Daito and Shoto are the fourth and fifth people to find the copper key. They are sworn brothers both of Japanese decent, and they speak fluent english. Shoto is a master of the 1980's because he grew up in Texas and while he was there learned everything there is to know about the 80's, while Daito mastered every game. Shoto managed to retrieve the jade key but Daito was unable to. They appear unfriendly at first but begin to warm up to Wade after a while.
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