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Guam vs The U.S.

By: Kimberly Alexander, Juanita Quintana-Frazier, Jessica Lundquist, Elizabeth Milner, and Tammie Youse

Jessica Lundquist

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Guam vs The U.S.

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GUAM vs. The US
Attire for business
Guam business attire is the same as the U.S.
Dress Shirt

Since Guam is more like a Travel destination, you will find some businesses will embrace the dress-down concept with enthusiasm (Patteson , 2013)

Decision Making and Problem Solving in Guam
When making any decision one must identify the problem; the two items go hand in hand.
Guam seems to be fair when it comes to decision making when solving a problem. As does the U.S.
3 steps-
Finding the information to determine the sources of the problem.
Process the knowledge of what was found out.
Making the decision. (Srinivas, 2012)

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Much like Americans, the Guamanian people like to have a little space between them, or they feel uncomfortable.

Since Guam is actually a part of the United States, they have adapted themselves to the American lifestyle.
Time Awareness
Americans absolutely hate to be late, as do Guamanians. Timeliness in business is extremely important in order to establish dependability and credibility.
Balanced Gender Roles
Tourist sector - both men and women work
Non-tourist sector -
Men do hunting & fishing
Women take care of family & household
"Men dominate political offices, and women are leaders in many social, religious, and cultural organizations" (EveryCulture.com, 2013).
Women beginning to be accepted in political roles alongside men
Over 300 businesses, government agencies, non-profits and other organizations have joined in the Hafa Adai Pledge Program; making a deeper commitment to the community and taking more responsibility as a citizen in the community.
To understand how to negotiate, the cultures and the language of the territory must be understood.
Hafa Adai
Eye contact
Written communication secondary to oral
communication (Taimanglo)
Articulate, sincere, and friendly people
Aware of feast days (guam-online.com)
Nonverbal Communication
Attitude Toward Materialism
Strong sense of community
Will give to others without reciprocal action
Tourist centered country
Like to share culture & beautiful country with others
More interested in creating souvenirs for tourists, and creating the best vacation spot around
Comparison & Contrast

Respect culture of Guam
Learn their traditions
Create relationships when doing business
Business clothes include tropical shirts and dresses
Be on time
Commit to Hafa Adai Pledge
Kimberly Alexander
Juanita Quintana-Frazier
Jessica Lundquist
Elizabeth Milner
Tammie Youse
Mannerisms and Fun Facts

•Keep a copy of any and all paperwork you submit to the Registrar or other University offices. They lose stuff.

•Don't believe what the Registrar or any administrator tells you until you confirm it with an experienced faculty member.

•Carry toilet paper with you. It may not be available in Guam's restrooms.

•Don't go to Guam if you have severe allergies. The buildings are seldom cleaned.
American Flag
Flag of Guam
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