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VEMMA: #Legends At Work

No description

CJ Mitchell

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of VEMMA: #Legends At Work

Fast Start Bonus
Frenzy Bonus
Cycle Bonus
Matching Bonus
Momentum Bonus
Platinum Car Club Bonus
Customer Bonus
Rank Advancement Bonus
How To Start:
Buy, consume, and promote the product. It's as simple as that.
There are no sign-up fees or contracts.
2 Ways To Start
Silver Pack
= $500 w/o tax & shipping
144 Cans of Verve Energy
24 Verve Energy Shots
Qualified for
Start-Up Guide With DVD's
2 Pack = $160 w/tax & shipping
48 Cans of Verve Energy
No-Risk Opportunity
If you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase at any point and time. There is a
100% Money-Back Guarantee within the first 30 days.
Less than 2% of partners return their product.

The founder BK Boreyko talks about this guarantee in a video meant for skeptical parents. He gives out his personal phone number and email address for anyone wanting to inquire or address concern.
Everyone gets started through a brand partners website. You get your own customized website after ordering product.
You also get a back office. This back office feature helps you manage your team and actually see your progress. It keeps track of every aspect of your business.
How Do We Get Paid So Much?
VEMMA does not advertise anywhere.
They pay out HALF of all revenue to the people who make them that money.
Companies like RED BULL spent almost $1 billion dollars last year advertising their product. Marketing your product doesn't necessarily guarantee sales. So they are essentially throwing away money. VEMMA takes their "marketing budget" and uses it to pay us in many different ways. Like the
car bonus, momentum bonus, frenzy bonus, cycle bonus, customer bonus, and fast start bonuses.
Why Is This Business Model So Successful?
VEMMA is so successful because we are all consumers of the product.
There is only profit to be made from consumable products
. From energy drinks, to clothing, to computers, to cars. These are all examples of consumable products. What if a you could buy a car and it lasted forever? If every car lasted forever everyone would buy one car and would never have to buy another. It would put every car company out of business. We all become consumers of the product and promote it. It is simple as that.
People who call VEMMA a pyramid scheme are closed minded. Is buying RED BULL at the grocery store a pyramid scheme?
When you do that you are a consumer of the product, and if you like it you're likely to tell your friends about it.
1) Fast Start Bonus
This a way to make quick money simply by enrolling people.
If you start a friend on a 2 Pack
You get a
dollar bonus
If you start a friend on a Silver Pack
You get a
dollar bonus
2) The Frenzy Bonus
If you started on a Silver Pack
3 friends in a week
from Friday-Thursday and get a
dollar bonus. In addition to the fast start bonus.
Let's do the math:
3 people x
per person =
fast start bonus
Add the
dollar frenzy bonus and that's
The best part about this bonus is you can do this
twice a week EVERY WEEK!
You can still get the frenzy bonus by getting 3 people started on 2 packs in a week, however you only get $200 as a bonus along with the $20 dollar fast start bonus. So you get about $200 dollars even with the smaller frenzy bonus.
These bonuses are nothing compared to the long term residual income that you can earn with this company.
Two Team System
Long Term Income
-Product is consumed and you get credit for everything that is done by you and your friends.
-Based on this system you can out earn anyone.
-This system ENSURES that no one is left behind. Everyone's success is dependent upon their own drive and determination.

Left Team
Right Team
Qualifying Volume "
Product Consumed = Revenue Generated
-Every 5 weeks each brand partner must re-order product = to at least
120 QV to remain active
-The Silver Pack is a one time order and after the initial order the monthly cost is $160 a month every month after unless you decide to order more product.
Silver Pack
2 - Pack
First Order
First Order
200 QV
60 QV
Second Order
Second Order
400 QV
120 QV
Shared Points System
QV always travels up the line.
So everyone mutually benefits from the whole teams efforts.
ANDY is the only one who benefits from the Fast-Start and Frenzy Bonuses.
You only get those bonuses when you personally enroll someone.
200 QV
200 QV
200 QV
200 QV
ANDY ranked up faster than you because he cycled once his first week. Making himself a bronze leader. Even though you have 800 banked QV you didn't cycle at all because you have 0 QV on your right side. The goal is to build both teams.
: The cycle bonus is earned by having 360 QV on one side and 180 on the other side and vice versa.
When you accumulate 360 QV on one side and 180 QV on the other. You get to "cash your points in" for money. You get $20 every time you reach the required amount of QV. There is no limit on the amount of times you can get this bonus.
360 QV
180 QV
This is one cycle
5) The Momentum Bonus
When you accumulate 500 AQV points on each team. (Help your 2 PEQS start 2 PEQS)
500 QV
500 QV
You make $200 dollars a month by meeting the requirements.
*If you got a SILVER PACK
This bonus will help pay for your monthly cost.
-Earn free product by helping your friends succeed, duplicate that process.
-To qualify for the
bonuses, you need 1 PEQ (Personally Enrolled Qualifier) placed anywhere on each of your two teams.
- A
is someone you signed up through your website who orders product.
-In four months time do you think you could find two people who want to
improve their health
and or
improve their financial situation?
And in another
four months
do you think you could help those two people
find two people
who want to be healthy and make money as well?
If this scenario occurred
every four months for five years
. How much money do you think you would be making a month?
There would be
people on your team after five years.

Lets do some math: 32,768 people x 120 QV (2- Pack) =
3,932,160 QV
combined between both teams. Divide that by 2 because you have 2 teams. So you have
QV on each team. Divide that by 180 to see how many times you would cycle. You would cycle
times. At the minimum you would be making:
$218,460 A MONTH!
Based off of the cycle bonus alone
If everyone got started on SILVER PACKS you would reach a minimum of
cycles which would add up to a measly:

$364,080 A MONTH
Based off of the cycle bonus alone
And for the moment you've all been waiting for:

-When you hit just
20 cycles
(the fourth rank in the company) you qualify for the
Platinum Club Car Bonus.
-This bonus allows you to lease or purchase a vehicle from a BMW or Mercedes Benz dealer and
VEMMA will make a payment of up to $430 dollars a month towards your cars monthly payment
. This bonus increases over time with rank advancement and tops out at $1,200 a month.

The time is NOW. This is your moment. Your one chance. Will you take it, or just let it slip?

Imagine a perfect world. There is
bank in the entire world. There are
10 businesses
in the entire economy. Lets say the bank only has
10 dollars
to loan out to the businesses. That means each business would borrow
dollar correct? Well if every business borrows
dollar from the bank and the bank charges them
interest, then each business would have to pay back

If every business has to payback $1.10 to the bank and each bank was only loaned $1 dollar to start.
Where are the businesses going to get that extra 10 cents?
The answer is nowhere. Lets do some math here. $1.10 * 10 Businesses = $11. Thats more money than was initially borrowed.
It is literally impossible to payoff every single loan with interest attached. If every loan was paid off in full, there would not be a single dollar in circulation. Our economic system was founded on debt.

What Is
All About?

4) Matching Bonus
When you personally enroll
people in this business you get whats called a
1st tier matching bonus.

This bonus gives you 10% of all cycles that your PEQ's get.

So if your PEQS collectively cycle 100 times. You would make $200 dollars on top of your own cycles.

When you personally enroll
people in this business you get whats called a
2nd tier matching bonus.

This bonus gives you 10% of all cycles that your PEQ's get, and 10% of all cycles that their PEQ's get.
6) Rank Advancement Chart With Bonuses

8) Customer Bonus

If you enroll 3 customers and their QV is triple what your monthly reorder is. Then you get your product free. All you pay is shipping and tax.
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