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No description

Matt Bennett

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of Shaun

The Battle of the Spanish Armada
by Shaun Fernandes
England won yay!!!
Thank you! for watching
There was a Famous Battle
Called the Battle of the Spanish Armada.
But England fought back.
Drake set his boats on fire and sent them into the armada
...There was a BIG War
With Spain and England...
Who Will Win?
There is only one winner.
Spain attacked with their huge aramda!
The English freaked

There was a lot of wind.
It blow the ships against the coast of England.
Tell Them What They won Bob What?
Columbus found America.
Spain started growing their own sugar and mining for gold.
They became rich and powerful.
Once upon a time...
Angry King
Francis Drake stole from Spanish ships.
King Philip got mad.
I'm rich

England won a Continent because spa did not have ships.
What Is Happning
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