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PharmaSim Group 2

No description

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of PharmaSim Group 2

PharmaSim Presentation
Report to Shareholders
Group 2

Brittany Westrbrook
Stacy Camp
Jillian Fritzke
Marketing Plan Summary
Performance vs. Objectives

Key Success Factors
Conclusions and Recommendations
Allstar Brand
Founded in 1924
Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals and International Products
Manufacturer of Allround OTC Cold Medicine
Market share leader in OTC cold and allergy remedy market
Allround OTC Cold Medicine-Product
4-hour liquid cold relief for multi-symptom cold suffers
Established and mature OTC medicine
Well-known brand name by consumers
Advertising consists of commercials aired on network television

Allround OTC
Cold Medicine-Placement
• Independent Drugstores
• Chain Drugstores
• Grocery Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Mass Merchandisers
• Wholesalers
Allround OTC Cold Medicine-Price
Suggested MRP $5.49
Retailers set the end price to consumers
Allround offers a volume discount ranging from 24-40% to retailers
PLUS an additional promotional allowance 10-20%
Negotiate desired shelf space
Gain retailer support for Allround brand when advertising

Allround OTC
Cold Medicine-Promotion
Primary 5%
Benefit 45% 
Relieves aches,
clears nasal congestion
reduces chest congestion
dries up runny nose
suppresses coughing
helps you rest
Comparison 45% (Besthelp)
Reminder 5%
What made our team successful?
Individual and group assessments
Good listening skills from all team members
Taking advantage of the available resources to make informed decisions
Made strategic line extension decisions
Where we stumbled
Branding the “alcohol free” line extension as an allergy solution
Inconsistent promotional allowances
Price vs. Capacity

Advice for
Future Teams
Collect & analyze data to make informed and educated decisions
Lessen spending (cut dollars effectively)
Review social media comments before making decisions
Review competition spending
Extend brand where it makes sense
Maintain brand image
Increase sales by 30 %
Increase market share by 5%
Increase stock price by 100%
Effective use of marketing budget
Actual Performance
Maintain brand image
Increase sales by 115%
Increase market share by 18%
Increase stock price by 200%
Effective use of marketing budget
Brand awareness increased by 25%
Sales increased by 115%
Market Share increased by 18%
Stock Price increased by almost 200%
The Future :
Allround Meets Customer Needs
for Growth
Concentrating on the
anchor and one extension :


How do we
get there?
Hire a strong brand management team
Use resources to make sound decisions
Continue to pave the way to Innovation
The Allround OTC brand is stronger:
Concentrated on strengthening the base
Added one line extension
Improved the promotion mix
Increased marketing budget
Improved promotional allowance
Increased the price
Adjusted placement

Continue to build on already established brand image of Allround
Monitor market and industry outlook (4Ps)
Look for opportunities to save money
Consider new product lines to meet new demands
Remember, our people create our power- hire strategically
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