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Vancouver Island wolf!!!

No description

carter coman

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Vancouver Island wolf!!!

Vancouver Island wolf!!!
Vancouver island wolves eat black tailed deer and roosevelt elk,squirrels,rodents and beaver.
size and weight!
the Vancouver Island wolf is usually around 20 and 60kg.the Vancouver Island wolf size is around the grey wolf size
by Carter Coman
scientific classification
sub species:c.l.crassodan
interesting facts
the Vancouver island wolf is friendly with other packs.
another interesting fact

the Vancouver island wolf lives on Vancouver island in Britsh C.olombia
why the wolf is endangered???
the Vancouver island wolf is endangered because people hunt them and use the fur for coats.
where they live!!
the Vancouver island wolf lives on the west and the east part of the island
how to save the Vancouver island wolf????
do not go around them and do not hunt them that is how we are losing all the wolves.
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