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Julie Greenlee

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Dashboards

Authorization Pacing
Quickly identify if services are being provided within the anticipated rate or not.

Example: A purchase order authorizes 40 units of a service for the month. Within anticipated is 10 units per week.
Planner Status
A snapshot of the outcome of your scheduled visits. This will show if your productivity has been impacted by client cancellations or no shows.
Visit Total Chart
The Visit Total Chart displays the total number of visits for the previous year and current year to date. The report is a drillable report from year down to seconds.

This detail can be filtered by team, program & billable v. non-billable services.
Billing Summary Chart
The Billing Summary Chart displays what the amount for Billed, Collected, Adjusted and Due for first visit (or batch date depending on the selection) from year start to the most current visit date (or batch date depending on the selection).
Dashboard 2.0

Credible has built in reports displayed in a dashboard format that provide information about everything from employee activity in Credible to aging reports. Graphs can show for employees, individuals, or the entire organization.

This guide will highlight some of
our favorites.
Above pacing does not mean services are not being delivered appropriately. In instances of serious incidents and especially stressful times in our client's lives it may be more than appropriate to see a client more often.

It is nice to know how quickly we are using authorized units so that we can communicate with our funding sources and ensure our clients are always being seen at a rate clinically appropriate.
It is important to track instances where individuals are non-compliant or chronically-canceling planned sessions. Appropriate interventions can be discussed with your supervisor to see if we can get the client back on track.

In instances of non-compliance with services, a client may need to be discharged from services.

* A scheduled appointment should never be deleted from a calendar, instead the status should be updated to reflect whether the session took place as planned.
The dashboard is a graphical way of seeing detailed information about data and statistics related to individuals, employees, and services.
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