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Why do footballers earn more than soldiers and surgeons?

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Mary Mahoney

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Why do footballers earn more than soldiers and surgeons?

Why do footballers earn more than soldiers and surgeons?
Mary Mahoney

Step 1
Everyday soldiers and surgeons around the world save peoples lives and risk their own.
so why should a simple sport such as football, earn more than these people, when the only thing they are risking is money?
Step 2
Us, the public, support these footballers by watching them and letting them entertain us. The answer isn't necessarily to ban football, but maybe to support surgeons and solders as much as we do footballers.
Step 3
We make the decision to encourage footballers which makes the sport more popular and therefor more expensive to run. Because of this, they rise the salary to match the amount people are willing to pay. So why should we all moan, when really, we are the people who are in the wrong? Would you give up the chance to earn this much money?
Step 4
For those who play for the money, I think they should swap wages with a British soldier
To say a footballer player does not deserve that much is unfair.
Step 5
My summary...
I personally think that footballers should not be paid the amount of money they do, for surgeons and soldiers deserve it in many more ways than footballers do. If you had to pay £1-2 million a year, would you give it to the soldiers and sergeons, or some people who run around on a field and kick a ball? I would choose the soldiers and sergeons!
Gareth Bale, a footballer, is said to reached up to £300,000!
Salary at age of 18 for a soldier = £16,227
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