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Dating Violence

No description

Talia Halliday

on 1 May 2016

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Transcript of Dating Violence

Cell phones and
computers are
key tools used in
abusive relationships.
In a national study of college
students,27.5% of the women have
suffered from date rape or attempted rape.
Well at least once since the age of 14.
Both males and females inflict and receive
dating violence in equal proportion,but the
motivation for violence by women is more on
the defensive purposes.
Cindi Santana,17
Killed by her ex-boyfriend
Abraham Lopez 18 during lunch time
at school..
Texting that
runs to 200 or
300 messages a
day can be a
prelude to abusive
Dating abuse victims are more likely engaged
in binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical
fighting, and sexual activity.
Ortralla Mosley,15
stabbed to death in her school
hallway by her boyfriend when
she decided to end the abusive
Jennifer Ann Crecente,18
was shot and killed by her
Heather Norris,20
Killed,stabbed,dismembered, and
discarded in trash bags by her boyfriend
Joshua Bean

Defined as the perpetration or threat of an
act of violence by a member of an
unmarried with the context of sexual assault,
physical ,violence,and verbal or emotional.
One in four
report being verbally,
emotionally, or
sexually abused in a
dating relationship.
Abusive relationship
-extreme jealousy
-emotional withholding
-lack of intimacy
-sexual coercion
-verbal abuse
-broken promises
-physical violence
Statistics show males who are
exposed to domestic violence as
children are more likely to be
abusive in their own relationships
Prevalence rates of nonsexual,
courtship violence range from 9%
to 65%,depending on whether threats
and emotional or verbal aggression were
included in the definition.
Women were 6 times more likely than men
to experience violence at the hands of an
intimate partner
Women an girls were victims of
dating violence twice as often as
men and boys,and females suffer more
injuries then boys
Some girls take the jealousy as some kind
of protectiveness. They think it's some sign of
Warning Signs

-withdrawing from close friends
-withdrawing from family
-stops expressing her own opinion
-obsessed with pleasing boyfriend
-makes excuses for his behavior

-nearly 1.5 million high school students
nationwide experience physical abuse
from a dating partner in a year

-1 in 10 high school students have been
purposely hit, slapped, or other physical
abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend

-8 states currently don't include dating
relationships in their definition of
domestic violence

- Only 33% of teens report being in a
abusive relationships
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