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Social Media Success

Tips, Strategies, and Stories to Help You Increase your Online ROI

Andy Hayes

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media Success

Social Media Success The History
of Marketing We used to know everybody we did business with.
Remember the local grocer and his family?
Then came corporate "messaging" and "position statements."
It was easy to hide lousy products behind a slick brand. Now, we're all back at the town bazaar, sharing stories
and doing business with the people our friends told us to visit. Do you get it? It's About:
Let other people talk about you.
Let customers 'opt in' to marketing messages.
Make the connection first, the sale second.
Long term focus.

It's NOT About:
Bulldozing People with Marketing Messages
"Set it and Forget It"
Short Term, Quick Fix Get Some Focus:

- Tell Stories
- Experiment
- Add Value
- Measure

The Two Key Factors for Online Success
(yes, only two).... Who is your ideal customer? The BEST Products and Services= Constant Improvement
Essential Social Media Foundation:
A Listening Station your name company name competitors product names / event names industry keywords Your Social Media HQ SEO by Andy Hayes
MD, Travel Online Partners
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