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Cultural Differences in Business

Cultural Differences in Business

Kyle Bass

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Differences in Business

By Kyle Bass Cultural Differences in Business America Russia Germany Work Cited Making Appointments America- The best time to try to schedule a meeting is after 6 p.m. Russia- Getting a meeting can be very challenging in Russia, so try to be very persistent and patient. Germany- The best time to schedule in Germany is 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 3p.m. to 5 p.m. Dress Code America- For the first meeting, try to dress formally. But after that, you may dress like your American client. Russia- In Russia, they pay a lot of attention to how you dress, so try to dress in very business formal light-colored suits because dark suits are only for special occasions. Germany- You should try to dress in a formal business suit. Appropriate Conversations America- Many Americans use sports terms in their speech. Be sure to avoid ethnic and religious humor, also political topics. Russia- Russians will sometimes be very enthusiastic about the politics of Russia. Personal questions should be avoided, unless they ask you. Germany- Germans like to start conversation with Q & A's. And when they ask "How are you?", they expect a very in-depth
answer. What to Know Before Negotiating America- Americans can be very competitive in both work and leisure. And they are almost always willing to take a risk. Russia- In Russia it will help you out a lot if you try to appear sincere, very reliable and down to earth. Germany- In Germany, you need to try and tone down the "high-risk" aspect of the
negotiation. Entertainment America- If you are invited to a business dinner, the host will usually pay. They would also like to learn a toast from your country. Russia- Business dining is getting more popular in Russia for negotiating. And if they invite you out, expect to treated to a very nice meal. Germany- Lunch is usually the time for meetings. And an "apertif" is a form of a cocktail that is usually served before dinner. All text information is from www.executiveplanet.com All Images have come from www.google.com/images
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