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Ancient Roman Architecture

No description

Liam Walpole

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Roman Architecture

Clash Of The Civilisations! SOSE Presentation- ~Liam Walpole Ancient Roman Architecture I chose this topic because i am interested by the buildings made by the Romans, and i wanted to find out more on how long it takes to build things, and how they built their amazing designs. Why Did I Choose This Topic? Because I'm doing "Ancient Roman Architecture", I will need to know what time period ancient is, so I know what buildings I can cover. What Time Period Is "Ancient"? The time period in which things become ancient, is from anything BCE (Before Common Era) to 200 AD (After Death) Answer- What is the most famous arhchitectural marvel of the Romans? The most famous architectural marvel of the Romans would have to be the Colusseum, building started in 70 AD, and construction finished in 80AD, the rulers through the building, were Verspasian, then Titus, then Domintitan. It was used as an arena, where gladiators would fight, for the entertainment of the public, and the emperor. Answer- What is the oldest Roman building around today? The oldest Roman building around today is the Parthenon, which was made in 125BCE, and burnt down in a great fire, twice! but was repaired each time. It was used for worshipping and prayer of the Roman gods. Answer- It seated 50,000 people! In total of all the games held there, about 500,000 people were killed ! Did you know ? That around 9,000 animals
were slaughtered in the Colosseum in one year ! Architects of the AD times Architects of the BCE times Marcus Vitruvius Pollio Cyrus (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Apollodorus Cocceius Auctus Lucius Vitruvius Cordo Hyginus Gromaticus Rabirius Do you know how many animals were killed in one year? Do you know how many seats were in the Colosseum? How many people were killed in total in the colusseum? Ancient Roman Homes Now I'm going to go through some of the things to do with the design, and creation of an ancient Roman home. The Basic Design of an Ancient Roman Home. There are different types of designs to an ancient Roman house, for poorer people, a house is usually an apartment of some sort, or a flat, above or behind their shops, mostly without running water, a lot of the time a whole family could live in one of these cramped homes. For the richer Romans, their houses were alot different, their houses were much bigger, with a central courtyard, paintings on the walls, and mosaics on the floor, their windows would face the courtyard, not the street, to prevent burglar issues, and often there wasn't much furniture. These houses were usually made from bricks and had and a had a red tiled roof. For The Richer Romans
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