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Rights and Responsibilities

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 11 November 2017

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Transcript of Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities
Denial of Rights/ Loss of Human Dignity

Rights On Our Doorstep
The first article of the UN Declaration of Human Rights says, 'Everyone is born free and equal', yet many people are not treated equally.
Ion our society some groups of people do not have equal rights.
Looking Out For Others
Focus Ireland and the Simon Community are concerned with the needs and rights of people who are homeless.
Pavee Point and the Irish Traveller Movement are concerned with the needs and rights of the Traveller community.
ALONE with the needs of elderly people.
The ISPCC with the rights and needs of children.
Irish Wheelchair Association with disability.
Taking Action
Exam papers Section 3
20 marks essay type questions pick one
Action Project Question
20 marks and 20 mins
Learning Intention
To identify the denial of rights to various groups and our role in addressing it.
What are rights?

What are needs?

What are wants?
What is the UNCRC?
Case Study
Can you identify the groups that may not have equal rights and the rights that are denied to them.
Who do you think is responsible for making sure that everyone has equal rights in Ireland?
Simon Community Volunteer
Exam Papers Page 52
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