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The Life of Slaves and their Owners

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Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of The Life of Slaves and their Owners

What was Life Like?

By: Natalie Albergo
Owner's Food
Food was never scarce
Food was prepared by other people
Had an abundance of food
"And ate an abundance of cherries"( William Byrd 1710)
" Had been basted with vinegar to make it tender and good." (William Byrd 1710)
Owner's Life
Slave Owners were wealthy men who would whip their slaves if they weren't doing their job.Unlike slaves, they had good quality belongings.

One pair of shoes per year
One pair of stockings per year
One hat and jacket per year
Two rough shirts per year
Two rough pairs of pants each year
Suffered from thin fabric clothes in winter (made them very cold)
slaves often received a bushel of corn per week
food was prepared by the slaves
" bacon became scarce, which very often happened" ( Charles Ball)
Scarcity of foods often happened
Slave Life
Being a slave, you had little clothing, little food, and you could be beaten.
Slave Food
Slave Clothes
Being Sold
slaves would be seized by the shirt collar
have an iron collar around neck
hand-cuffed with iron bolts
padlocked onto a chain
Owner Clothes
got best soft doe skin gloves
get lots of clothes for children
gets like accessories like ribbons and and fans
"Sent an invoice for shoes, gloves for my daughter Lucy."( William Byrd)
Owner's Authority
scolds slave for not looking after cattle well
" whipped negroes for stealing hogs"(William Byrd)
The Owner had lots of power and authority over slaves
Owners got nice, high quality clothing
The food was abundant and delicious for owners.
Being sold was a terrible experience," the worst had come." (Charles Ball)
Clothes were coarse, with very little per person.
Food was scarce for slaves, and was prepared by the slave.
What was the same?
Slave and owner's life may seem different, but they are slightly the same.
Slaves and Owners both lived on the same property (plantations)
Slaves and their owners both were a part of the Christian religion
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Contrasting Diary Accounts
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