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Sir Kay

No description

Yoel Park

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Sir Kay

Sir Kay: Disney-fied
Yoel Park
Period 5

Sir Kay
Father: Sir Ector (Ectorius)
Place of Birth/Residence
Year- c.468
Location- The Castle of ForestSauvage (Also Known as: Sir Ector's Castle)
Sir Ector's Castle

History Before Knighthood
Believed that he was the rightful king
Lived with Arthur, his stepbrother
Knighthood Events
Jousting tournament
Falls in love with Andrivete at first sight
Tries to impress Andrivete as a result of being attracted to her
Major Knighthood Events
Slayed Cormoran, the Giant of St. Michael's Mount (with the help of Sir Bedivere and King Arthur), along with the giant named Wrnach
Lady Love(s)
Had only one lady Sir Kay truly loved: Lady Andrivete
Married a woman known as: Andrivete
Other Names
The Tall
Either killed by Gwyddawg, who was killed by Arthur soon after, or by the Romans
Sir Kay
Sir Ector
Sir Kay

Rescued Mabon
Stole the beared of Dilus the Bearded
Was said that Sir Kay was buried in Chinon; located in France
Intersting Facts
Went nine days and nine nights without sleep
Held his breath while underwater for nine days and nine nights
Could grow as tall as the tallest tree in the forest if he desired to
Disney's version of Sir Ector's Castle
Was of higher rank than Arthur
As Kay was knighted, Arthur became his squire
Orders Arthur to fetch his sword that was left behind
Because Kay wanted to become the King of England, he lies and declares that he pulled out the sword
Eventually tells the truth
Arthur spots an anvil with a sword stuck in it; instinctively, he pulls out the sword
Begs King Arthur to become a knight of the Round Table
Sir Kay
Depictions of Sir Kay
Braggart; short-tempered
Difficult, sharp-tongued
Portrayed almost as a super-natural hero
Sir Kay from Camelot
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