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Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions

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Amar Krishna

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions

Correlation of a route highlighted by the Google Maps with all possible congestion taken in account
Validating the routes suggested by Google maps
Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions
Amar, Rosanne

Suggested Routes!!
Popularity of a traffic segment
Obtaining the traffic conditions
Improving the driving route decision making
Recommendation system for suggested routes
Proposed question/solutions
Using the google maps api for initial data collection
comparing with other mapping services like bing/yahoo to validate the g maps routes
creating a sample environment of the traffic and implement a user recommendation system based on our test data.
How we will implement it!!
Project milestones and schedule for the rest of the quarter
1 week, done by April 16 - Survey major mapping services to observe the macro level differences in their solutions.

3 weeks, done by May 7 - Work with Google API to collect traffic and route data, using a script that varies locations and times for fetching routes

1 week, done by May 14 - Calculate the popularity of a route segment.

1 week, done by May 21 - Identify the correlation between segment popularity and traffic conditions (where segment refers to a part of the route suggested by Google between two locations).

2 weeks, done by June 4 - Conclude if the suggested route or it’s alternate should be taken.

What are we doing?
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